Week 1 Reflection

What actually is story telling I asked myself. As I think about it, it seems that almost every thing we see around us has got to do with telling a story! A kindergarten child comes home excitedly to tell his/her mum all that happened in school is story telling. A young teenager complaining to his/her friends about how much homework students get in school this days can also be story telling. A mother warning her child the dangers of jumping on bed are story telling too. And an old grandparent telling his/her grandchildren about life in the past is also story telling! Wow, story telling is for every one of different age, background and mutuality. Perhaps that’s why people always seem more interested to listen to a juicy story rather than just listen to facts (though I cant deny its importance).

The reason I can say all I said above is because I love stories too!! While I was in secondary school, writing essays was my favorite homework. Narrative essays in particular. I just couldn’t wait to know what we’ll have to write about! So when I knew that we have to go for story telling classes, I was equally excited.

Class started quite differently. Instead of having just an introduction of the lecturer, there was an introduction of the students as well! Mr. Ryan went the extra mile to try to get to know us more personally and I was truly amazed by his sincerity. Tell you a secret, ok, an open secret. I myself am not too good at remembering people’s names, and the game we played to introduce ourselves kind of forced me to memorise my classmates’ names! Haha…

Anyway, the main thing we learnt today is about writing stories in a visual voice rather than a written one, and in a 3rd person and presence tense method. To make it simpler for me to understand, I think of it as watching a show and describing everything that is happening at the instance, including the sights and sound. Sounds right? For example, Pamela is typing her reflections for Story Telling class, on her new, white Mac book. She is thinking really hard, frowning, and can’t wait to continue with the next few paragraphs. Pamela is so involved in typing that when her mother comes into the room, it took her a few seconds to respond. All she hears are the “tap tap tap” on her keyboard. Now, Pamela thinks that she should return to first person ‘narration’ and continue with her journal.
I’m back!

One tip that I found particularly interesting was “ don’t stop for the night if you have no ideas for your story!” In secondary school, I would stop for a nap if I can’t find any ideas to continue my story with. Perhaps I hoped to dream of something that I can write about… (just kidding) Anyway, just last night, I was trying to re-write the story we did in class on Friday. At a point of time, I did not really have a good idea for the story and was so tempted to jump onto bed and sleep! However, Mr. Ryan’s tip flashed across my mind and thus I continued with my story. Guess what? I managed to finish it that night and am quite satisfied with the story! Application.

Hope there is something to learn from my reflection:)


One thought on “Week 1 Reflection

  1. She is thinking really hard, frowning, and can’t wait to continue with the next few paragraphs

    Good effort at reflection. This sentence struck me though because it’s the exact kind of sentence we’re trying to stop you from writing. What someone is thinking isn’t visual. It’s not the sort of sentence you should include in an example of excellent writing from the Story module.

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