20/4 class notes

Notes for the 1st story telling class!

Storytelling techniques
~ Writing formats:
Assignments in this class will use
(i) present tense
(ii) 3rd person narration
(iii) visual voice
This is to present immediate and urgent feel to the material
e.g. “Mark picks up the gun and holds it in his hand. It begins to tremble, as if alive.”

~ Script to a story: a blueprint of what needs to be on screen.

~ Written voice vs visual voice
⇒ weak verbs
⇒ tell what is happening in character’s head
⇒ distances the character from the story
⇒ uses strong action verbs
⇒ shows the action
⇒ uses an intermediate sentence structure
⇒ conveys story in a lively manner
–written voice: the sky was blue with a lot of white clouds. (missing an ACTION, ACTIVITY)
–visual: the clouds parts and an appeasing beam of light lands on…

~Tips for writing
a) if you have a work in progress, never stop for the night if you’re stuck.
b) always solve the problem and keep going until you are in safer water. A good night’s sleep is important but sleeping on a problem is a MYTH.
c) if you cant et started on a project, start writing anyway. To do this, you have to have some words to type.
d) it doesn’t matter what you write. You’ll soon begin to think and move in your rhythm/pace.



3 thoughts on “20/4 class notes

  1. A pause may be necessary to help clear the thought and inject new inspiration to writing. No point running if you are running in the wrong direction. Pause, rest, recharge and then Go! Dream when you sleep and when you wake up, the problem may no longer be there or may have shrunk in size. Cheers, no problem is that big that cannot be solved.

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