Class Notes (27/4/07)


All story needs:
1. Plot
2. Smooth continuation
3. Climax
4. Organization
5. Characters
6. Moral
7. Conflicts

-Man against man
-Man against environment
-Man against self
→Variations of sex, age, religion and culture which provide variety to the conflict.

POSITIVE EFFECTS of CONFLICTS: change (how a character undergoes change)
– Change is common to all
– Its universal
– Bodies change
– Seasons change
– Lives change (Spiderman)
– Relationship change
– Feelings change
– Locations change
– Technology change

WHY we resist change: universal as change may be, we resist change for the fear of the unknown.
2.People must learn to cope with changes if they want to survive. 3.Action in drama depends on conflicts.

– (Definition) opposition of persons or forces
– Interaction of opposing ideas, interests, or wills and it creates the plot.
– Plot cannot be constructed without conflict
– As your characters attempts to reach their goals, they come into conflict with each other.
– Conflicts must be able to match with each other, not for eg 1:1000 both character must want something
– The end of e story nears when the protagonist and the antagonist approach their goals and the conflict rises to generate maximum suspense and excitement.

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