Why did Tom throw the clock out of the window? Because he wanted to see time fly! Ok, not funny. But my point is, time do fly. Really quickly, in fact. It was not long when I wrote my first reflection, and now I am onto my second! This is fun!!

In class, Mr. Ryan talked about why people resist change and I was so excited to find out why. Perhaps that’s because I am someone who is quite lazy to change… Anyway, he mentioned that people resist change because of the fear of the unknown. Remember during the first lesson, some of us had to read our short story and other classmates will comment on it? I read mine, and some useful comments were given. However, back home, I wanted to edit my story yet was quite reluctant to do so. Why? As I thought about it, it could be because I did not know how my story would turn out after editing. What will it be like? Will the story improve much? How am I going to change it? The fear of the unknown. How true. However, one lesson I learnt is: dare to change, for it will make things better. Well, I believe my short story made more sense after changing it!

During lesson, we watched 2 short films, The Secret Heaven and The Call Home. What I particularly like about the film is that they both touch on issues Singaporeans can relate well with. Lets start with The Call Home first.

The Call Home is about an Indian national who works in Singapore as a worker. He decides to call home one day, yet lies to his wife that life here is good, so as to avoid unnecessary worry. I think this short film talks about conflict mainly between man and self. Comments were that the first half of the show was quite boring as there were no conflicts of any sorts. I have to agree. However, what I thought made the beginning of the film boring was that there were no dialogues too. While the director might be trying to show the change in the character’s behaviour and values, I thought that it would be more clearly and powerfully portrayed with dialogues. Picture paints a thousand words, true. But it is words that tell what the thousand words really are. Interestingly, while this film talks about an Indian national’s internal struggle, I thought that we could well relate with this film because we too face such struggles. Do we sincerely tell our friend that his/her art piece is terribly ugly so that he/she can improve? Or do we tell him/her that it’s ‘beautiful’ so he/she don’t have to worry so much and feel good. Sounds familiar?

The next film is The Secret Heaven. It talks about a little girl who thinks that death is the only way out to avoid piano lessons. I can relate so well with her! In the past, I was also ‘forced’ to take up piano lessons too. Thankfully, death wasn’t my option, failing in my piano exams was!! Haha… Anyway, I liked the way the director build the hatred for piano lessons in the little girl’s mind and when she realizes that ultimately, death is the ‘only way out.’ Using many tight close up shots amplified the girl’s inner feelings. However, as Mr. Ryan mentioned in class, the director did not fully explain how the conflict between mother and child was settled. Audiences only know that the poor little girl had to give in to her not-so-understanding mother eventually. Still, I liked this film as we can see how this little newcomer on earth, faces with the reality of pain and unfairness.

Till we meet again!

Signing off,
Pamela Soh


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