The past 3 weeks of school has been really exciting! I like my new classmates and I love the modules we are having!! We have: storytelling techniques, film introduction, studio production, photography, art and design, individual and the community and last but not least, contemporary issues. Cool huh… It’s always exciting to go for classes everyday. Perhaps it’s because I like this course, and that is why I am here right now, enjoying what I am learning. Seriously, if not for Film, Sound and Video, I really do not know what other course I’ll take in polytechnic. I did not even select any other course for the JAE. Thanks to God that I was selected for FSV☺ Yippee!!

Anyway, Storytelling Technique classes have been terrific in the past 3 weeks! There is so much to learn. Just last Friday, we learnt about who wrote the first story and people’s observation skills. The two parts I liked most was first, when we get to hear others short stories and talk about it and second, when we got to work in groups to answer questions. I think that discussing other student’s stories and sharing what we feel about the story helps a lot. In a sense, we get to know the student’s and teacher’s opinions of the story so that in future, we can either learn from them or avoid their past mistakes and improve together! Isn’t that amazing? I think so too! One interesting point was when Jacky commented that Jun Jie could use an exclamation mark instead of just a full stop to portray his character’s feelings and thoughts better. What occurred to me was that even simple and basic punctuation mark could change the story as a whole. That’s indeed a point to note. Thanks Jacky for the comment and Mr. Ryan for coming with such a way to conduct the class! Also, working in groups to learn a lesson doesn’t just help us understand the lesson’s objective, but how to work as a group as well. Yes, my dear T1B2 has indeed been very united as a class even though we have known each other for only 3 weeks, but we haven’t gotten a chance to work together as small groups. Discussing lessons in groups of 3 of 4 have indeed allowed me to get to know my classmates whom I don’t really talk to better. Also, we don’t just copy the notes, we present them. That’s the fun of it all. Although I must admit that it wasn’t easy, my group (Liqing, Bryan, Eugene and I) struggled a lot!! Hahaha. Wait and see the fruits of our labour.

In class, we were also taught about observation skills. Ben and Seri were asked to describe what the other party wore today. Unsurprisingly, Seri bet Ben! Congrats Seri!! It was really fun listening to how they described each other and I bet the class had as much fun as I did. Wow, it is indeed true that girls observe better than guys. Speaking of observations, after class on Friday, I have been trying to be more observant to my surroundings. While on the bus today (Monday), I tried to look out of the window and see things which I have never observed before. I must admit, it can get tiring after some time.

I’ve completed the ‘stalking’ assignment halfway, with another target to go. I never knew we could know so much about a person just by sitting and observe her. Can’t wait to ‘stalk’ my second target!

That’s all for now. Reflection for week 4 coming up! Well, that would be, of course, after week 4.


One thought on “WEEK 3 REFLECTION

  1. Uh-oh. This one was really just a summary. You started to talk about group work, and I thought you would go into an analysis of group dynamics, or at least contemplate the role you tend to play within a group. Ultimately, you kept it pretty surface level. The reflection is a weaker piece of writing because of it.

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