We had to read 2 peeson’s stalking exercise and write a story based on the time when the two characters are together. Fun exercise! Enjoy:)


Xiao Li and Aaron are in bus 151. They are on their way home after a long day in school and the ‘best’ thing is, the bus is a non air-conditioned bus. Xiao Li, sitting near the ales of the bus is engrossed with her comic book. She reads the book as if she is in her own world and nothing else beside her matters. The noisy, bumpy bus ride did not bother her at all, as long as she could read her comic, she is satisfied.

Aaron, on the other hand, is very sleepy. He has just had lunch with his classmates and is about to doze off any moment. All he wanted to do is to sleep all the way to his stop, which is a thirty minutes bus ride.

Suddenly, Aaron opens his eyes and remembers that he has left his hand phone in MacDonald’s. He sits straight up and shouts “Oh no, I left my darling in MacDonald’s!” in Chinese. Aaron rushes towards the bus door, hoping to go back and get his dear hand phone. While trying to make his way through the crowded bus, he accidentally brushes against Xiao Li and causes her comic book to land on the bus floor. With a foot on the book, Aaron hurriedly and panicky pick up the comic book for Xiao Li. This caused the book to tear into half. Half of the book remains on the bus floor while the other half is in Aaron’s hands. Aaron freezes for a moment, but upon realizing that his hand phone is still lost, he immediately mutters a “sorry” to Xiao Li. But no, she is definitely now going to easily accept his apology. The book is her favourite, and it was not easy for her to get it.

“Sorry? You think that just a pathetic sorry will solve this? You are going to pay for it!” Xiao Li stands up and shouts, angry with Aaron for tearing her book. With this, everyone on the bus stares at them, shocked. Frustrated, Aaron slips out a $10 from his wallet and pass it to her. He turns his back and is about to leave the bus when Xiao Li roughly grabs his bag.

“Stop it!” he shouts, really angry this time. Xiao Li tugs him lightly, and signals Aaron to leave the bus. She leaves the bus too.

“We will settle this later,” she promises.


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