While writing my week 4 reflection, T1B2 has already completed 5 weeks of school! And I must say, I really like the school and my dear class! We have the really crazy people, like Benedict, Joshua, Jacky, Bryan, Shu Hui, the lame ones, like Ray, JJ, the sweet and lovely ones, like Liqing, Kim, Seri, Rein, the quiet and mature ones like Eugene and Thombaline, and the hardworking ones like Sharkadada and Zelda.

We were complete strangers on the 15 of April (which happens to be Jacky’s birthday) yet friends on the 16 of April. Now, we are pals, buddies- we are one! And I believe that we did not meet by chance, but there is a plan for all of us. A big and beautiful one. The Storywriter made us meet for a reason! This is exciting! Like written in our friendster account, “because of who we are, we make things happen”.

Why did I mention this? Because just last week, we did an assignment in class where we had to make two individuals whom our friends spied on, meet. They were complete strangers, yet in our story, the individuals will come know each other in some way or another. And a story, a planned story, develops. Just like our story. T1B2’s exciting story.

The PowerPoint presentation was another interesting thing we did on week 4’s story telling class. Why? Because we could watch our friends present! Ok, maybe for Joshua, the fun part was presenting. Then, he can show of his hidden ‘talent’. (You know why the word talent is in inverted commas don’t you?) Kidding. Back to the point, doing our own presentation has its benefits. First, we will definitely understand our research topic very well. Simple and complex plot- I know what is that! Second, with our friends’ understanding of a certain topic and Mr. Ryan’s explanation, we can indeed learn more. Two similar yet distinct reasoning on one topic. How interesting can that be!

And I think that Aristotle is a remarkable man! Whatever he has penned down thousands of years ago is still being studied today. If my essay is read three years later, I will indeed be glad, not to mention thousands of years!

One interesting thing I learnt is that spectacle (special effects in a story) ranks the least important in the factors of a story, and I agree with the point. I am not saying that I do not enjoy and appreciate spectacles. In fact, these are some things that immerse me in the film. With high and improved technology, special effects make things seem as if some things really occurred. Take the film Spiderman 3 for example. Most would have to agree that the special effects created for sandman was remarkable. It looks as if he was real! However, how did that contribute to the overall storyline? What values did that bring across, or what conflict did the effects cause? Did the way sandman was evolved contribute to the message of the film? I should say no.

Like what we learnt in class, the purpose of a theater in the past is to bring across religious message to audiences. Now, the theater’s purpose is to convey the filmmaker’s and societies certain believes and values. Thus, spectacles would only contribute to the excitement and entertainment level of the film, but does not help much in bringing across the film’s intentions. A two-hour film, which consists only of special effects and no strong message, will not be worth watching, will it? So, what I’ve learnt is that while spectacle is indeed entertaining and enjoyable, what is most important in a film is the story and values it brings across.

That’s all for now! Bye!

Signing off,
Pamela Soh


2 thoughts on “WEEK 4 REFLECTION

  1. Hmmmm….am I crazy, lame, sweet & lovely, or hardworking? I wonder where I fit in on this list. And I wonder where Miss Melanie and Douglas and Mr. Siew fit in as well.

    But that would change this from a reflection to gossip.

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