Everyone has likes and dislikes, don’t they? For example how Shu Hui likes her sampan (a Malay small boat) trips, how Li Qing likes to set up mass conversations on msn, how Ben likes to wear his jacket even on a hot and humid day and how JJ likes his dear. Ok, that’ll better be love!

As for me, I like planes. Airplanes. I think that each different type of planes have their story to tell, a story precious to many individuals. And since this is a story telling class reflection, I felt it apt to talk about the stories left behind planes as they trail across the sky.

I must admit, though, that I know nuts about planes. What kind of plane models is there, the history of planes, the technical details about planes–what are these anyway? I only know that there are two types of planes: the passenger planes and the fighter planes. And based on there two facts, I found them interesting and thus my reflection.

The passenger planes and the fighter planes. To me, they represent woman and men respectively. Let me explain!

The fighter planes are made to protect the country, the nation, and the people. They are there to serve at the front line and risk damage for a cause. These planes move fast, and are strong to begin with. Here to protect, here to serve. Thinking about this, isn’t that what men are supposed to do? Aren’t they also supposed to protect their family and friends and serve their country too?

When I see a fighter plane fly swiftly across the sky and leave a trail of white clouds behind it I would stop and take a second look. How strong this plane seems, ready to face all challenges before it. And as it flies steadily across the sky, it reminds me how man in particular should live. Holding on to a certain believe and purpose, he strives forward. But why man in particular and not woman? Yes, woman must have her purpose too, but other than that, she has a husband to follow and obey. So, the man is the one who leads his family and the one who protects his country.

And what about the trail of white clouds that follows the fighter plane as it dash across the sky? While men have to be strong and lead many, he also has to leave something behind for us to follow. Not just to lead, but teach others how to follow and obey.

To me, this is the beauty in the way men are made, different from women. Like the fighter plane, they have to protect and sacrifice, lead and learn to teach.

As for the passenger plane, they are made to serve. Carrying hundreds of precious lives in them, they shoulder the responsibility to help these people reach their destination. Made larger and move slower, they seem more gentle too. As the pilot flies the plane, he flies it with love, love for each and every passenger in it, love for his or her lives. Just like the woman, part of her responsibility is to serve her husband and nurture her kids. She bears the responsibility to teach her children the meaning of life and nurture them as they grow each day.

When I admire a passenger plane stride pass the sky, I look with wonder and adoration of the number of lives in it, and the great yet humble responsibility it carries. Each passenger has a story to tell. Perhaps one of them is on the way to his/her child’s graduation in the UK. Or perhaps some others are on their way to a wonderful family vacation together. Or maybe one passenger is on his/her way to begin a fresh new career overseas. Maybe there is a couple on board, looking forward to a priceless time together as they begin their new phrase of life.

As the passenger plane flies across the sky, she never knows the stories she carries inside her. Just like when a mother nurtures her child, she does not know what her child will be like in the future. However, she does have the responsibility to teach her child the right way, praying for the best.

So, the passenger plane is like a woman, with the noble responsibility to teach her children and lead them to where they belong.

However, planes are planes, machines are machines. And human are human. While we cannot use these machines to compare with humans totally, I think that there are many similarities we can draw and learn. We are not machines after all.

So don’t you think it’s just so amazing, the way men and women are made, so similar yet different from each other? We all bear different responsibilities, yet deep down inside we bear the responsibility for each other.

The men leads while the women follow. The men protects while the women nurtures.


7 thoughts on “WEEK 5 REFLECTION

  1. Wow, this reflection leaves me speechless. Your class is thinking a lot about gender these days. It’s big on Sabreena’s site too. What a beautiful, poetic piece of writing. While I’m nervous about reading gender stereotypes, you paint them in such a way I feel like you’re actually creating archetypes. Feel free to look them up if you’re not sure the difference.

    Until next week,

  2. im sure you would want to marry a pilot.
    be it a fighter plane pilot, commerical plane pilot or stunt man pilot, you would want any, or maybe all of them

  3. One of Top 10 All-Time Stupid Quotes:

    “Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value”
    Marshal Ferdinand Foch, French Military Strategist and Future World War I Commander, In 1911

  4. Wow… I like how you used the white trails to describe the leading ability of men.

    Come to think of it, yeah… Aeroplanes do resemble humans in several aspects.

  5. what an interesting comparison! i liked the part about the trail of white clouds, as well as how you compared the passengers in the plane to a baby in a mother’s womb!

    i like this reflection.. ALOOOOT. XDD

  6. Poemlo you have given a very modern inrepretion of the relationship between men and women and how both genders existance is vital to this world. Its beautiful beyond words, even though when i was 3 years old, you were a mere liquid, you think alot for a liquid, i mean how could you see planes when you were a liquid.

    I am getting lame! But its beautiful! What inspired you! You proved yourself as a seven pointer!! Really !!

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