Writing For An Audience
Screenwriter= storyteller
– The current cinematic experience is not just made up of words you might put on paper but the audience’s emotional reaction to that information.

Who Brings The Story To The Audience?
⇒ Director to people
⇒ Writer to people
⇒ Camera to people
Actually, it’s NONE!!
It is people who bring the story to people

What is A Writer’s Purpose?
– To connect (emotions, able to visualize)
~ Themselves (own past, history, life)
~ Their unique vision
~ The material
~ The drama
~ Others
Why? Because audiences want to be transported by a screenplay. They want to be able to CONNECT and RELATE with the filmmakers.

Where Do You Look For A Story?
Inside yourself!
Everything to learn about other people is already in you. Even if the audiences cannot relate to the plot, they must be able to relate to the idea.

Storytelling Tool #2 – EXPERIENCE
– All people have fragments of stories
– These potential ideas prompt your desire to know more
– Respond emotionally and intellectually to what you have heard
– Your stories are born in the heart, not in the head
– Remember the role of the audience. After all, you ARE the audience!

Storytelling Tool #3 – MEMORY
– Your memory is a wonderful cabinet of past incidents that you have experienced or have been told.
– These memories are points of reference to your past experiences.
Memories are filtered by perspective. It sips into our head. You grow as a person.

Write what know, write what you dint know.

Film Les Miston
Written and directed by Francois Truffaut


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