Week 7. When Mr. Ryan told us that this is our last reflection assignment, I was disappointed. Honestly speaking, writing my reflection each week has been something I’ve looked forward to. I am really not lying. ☺ Don’t know why, but sometimes, even when I am waiting for the bus or just looking around, I found myself observing things that I can reflect on. There is just so much to say, so much to discuss, so much to think about.

Here’s an example. About a week ago, I was waiting for a cab on a Saturday evening. A little boy behind me, say 5 years old, was telling his dad about how beautiful and big the moon was. As I looked up, all I saw was round, white lights. I thought he was just being silly, thinking that the light was the moon. But, as I moved along with the queue, I saw what I might have never realized. The big and beautiful moon hanging brightly in the night sky. So this what the ‘silly’ kid was talking about. Being taller than he is, I could not see what he saw, and quickly dismissed him as being ignorant. Now, who’s the one?

Then, a few days later, at the bus stop, I saw some of my primary school juniors being so ecstatic over a little sick lizard. I thought that it was just so lame. Come on, its just a scrawny, helpless reptile, why care so much? But as I remembered the cab queue incident, and looked again at the girls laughing and screaming like they’ve never seen a lizard their whole life, I thought to myself: am I missing out on something? Is there some quiet laughter in me that has been so cleverly hidden in the past decade that I forgot how to laugh it out? Or, have I lost that child-likeness, where even the littlest thing in life makes my day? Ok, many say I’m just like a kid but that’s not the point. I am matured. Very matured, in fact. ☺

Thinking about it, it seems like I’ve packed my backpack and left the Teletubbies or Sponge-bob Square Pants world for good. However, if given a choice to live my life once more, I would not opt for that. Yes, there are regrets along the way and I wish I could undo my past mistakes at times, but as I look back, everything seemed planned. I can’t undo, but I can repent, can’t I?

And since I would not want to live my life again, I can’t go on lamenting about the past and complaining about the future, right? So what I’ll do is treasure what I have and the people around me, and live a life I’ll not regret.

And to show that I really mean what I said, I thought I’d just write a short reflection and thank you note to all in the class for being who you are. Please bear in mind that I really mean what I say and it all comes deep down from my heart. Oh yes, and no gossip intended, its all the great stuff about you guys. The names are in order as shown in my blogroll.

I met Ben in the selection interview and I must say that it was an experience of a lifetime. He behaves totally differently as of now and he is really not the Ben we all know. Sometimes, thinking about what happened that day still makes me want to laugh. But it was fun, really. And just on the first week of school, Ben and I were lost in bus 154. We had to walk a long distance (in my opinion that was long) to find the bus that will lead us back home. But what made me remember that day was that Ben purposely walked an extra bus stop down to the stop where I could take my bus. Thanks Ben. I might have been lost that day! He sure is a thoughtful person.

The first thing I remembered about him was when he told me the names of the people in class when we played our first game in storytelling class. I was completely lost that day cause I can never remember names! Oh yes, and he offered me sweets! Thanks! Bryan, I must say, is a responsible guy. Shall not go into details of my statement though, cause this is the Internet! Talking to him on the phone at times is fun too, and like I told Bryan, I might not be able to give you suggestions but you bet I can listen. Bryan is also one that makes all of us laugh in class. The open joke that he is Ben’s boss is funny enough!

Eugene might appear quiet at times but, haha, he says the most unexpectable! Those who were watching the hospitality film can all vouch for that, right? I remember that while watching the film, there was something wrong with the vcd. Eugene volunteered to borrow the remote control for us and sat beside the vcd player to help fix any problems. Thanks! It was really appreciated, really. And oh yes, all the girls in class will definitely remember the times when he will hold the door for us.

Jacky is also termed as our class’ Vanness Wu, a famous Chinese singer/actor. But he hated the fact though. Wonder why. Jacky is a nice person who tries his best not to freely use bad languages, especially in front of the girls. He’s also a sentimental guy. Looking at the way he treats his hand phone shows it all. And Liqing, Shu Hui and I would all have to agree that Jacky is a fun person to go shopping with. Oh Jacky, your future girlfriend might just love you a lot for that. Haha. Once, Shu Hui, Liqing, Jacky, his friends and I were out till quite late at night. He actually offered and did pay part of my cab fare despite me rejecting it. Aw, that was really sweet of you.

It’s really fun having JJ in class, although it might just be for one semester. Thanks a lot for collaborating our storytelling PowerPoint notes together and sending it all to us! And also thanks for giving me so many silly tips for my interview, like encouraging me to talk crap. And, wishing me all the best for it. Oh yes, he always willingly and enthusiastically offers to send me songs although I have more songs than him! Haha!

I remember him as the matrix guy! On the first day of school, Josh enthusiastically greeted everyone. And, just in the first week, he organized a birthday for those whose birthday was over! That was really the first step in helping the class bond! In class, Josh talks a lot and during lunch, he does the silliest things! Hey Josh, thanks for your enthusiasm. Thanks also for sending me so many songs, and helping the class even with minor things like filling the pail with water and changing PowerPoint slides!

Although we only see Kim in certain classes, I was grateful for her enthusiasm when she agreed to play the Angel And Mortal game with us! Thanks Kim! She also has a heart for some of the classmates!

Liqing calls me Pomelo and always never fail to give her friends a hug each day! It really brightens up the day, with her smiles and hug! Thanks Qing! Qing is always active when it comes to class gatherings! Oh, and each time she takes a photo of the class, we can all count on her to send it to everyone! Qing also likes to organize outings for the class, like the candle talk we’ll be having in Rein’s house and the overseas trip! Cool thing!

Rein is my dear friend! She’s always early, and I can look forward to see her in cheers should I reach school early! Rein is such a sweet, sensitive girl, but perhaps I can’t state my reasons here too. Oh and I must say, Rein is really good at editing and technical stuff! I remember the time during our MacBook training; I bombarded her with a thousand and one questions on what to do. However, she patiently and graciously taught me how to do it all! Aw, thanks!

Sharkardada is here! I remember her on the very first day of school (induction day). She gave me a long lecture on how to watch people and tell if they are lying or not! Oh, and as it was raining that day, she shared her umbrella with me as we walked from block 52 to the Atrium! And her acting is great! Yup, when she was born, I was, erm, still liquid form! (Our open joke)

Oh mar kao! I always will remember her saying that and its really funny. Her laughter indeed cheers all of up. Although I missed my bus once while talking to her, it was interesting listening to her stories!

Shu Hui
Ah! My pretty and beautiful sister! That’s what we call ourselves don’t we? And everyone would just have to agree! Haha! It’s definitely fun talking to her, be it on the phone or on msn. She has definitely been an encouragement to me! Thanks a lot for helping me print my assignment. And when I need someone to tell stuff to, you bet I can count on her!

Shu Jun
Meow! She loves that! It appears everywhere, be it the pod cast or PowerPoint presentation! The random girl! We were in the same team for the interview and she first came to talk to me! And indeed, she provided me the encouragement I needed most that time! Thanks! She is someone I totally relied on during the first days of school!

I always remember taking the same bus as her when we go home! And during the trip, there was never once a moment of awkward silence! There is just so much to say! And she enthusiastically takes notes for us as we discuss our storytelling proposal!

I remember sharing the umbrella with her in the first day of school and we ran together for shelter. Hardworking girl! Keep it up.

And last but not least, Mr. Ryan
Like I mentioned in my earlier reflection, what struck me most was his sincerity in getting to know all of us personally in the beginning of class. And sometimes, he may seem like a man with such great background. Traveling around the world and easily getting a job in a place he likes. But when Mr. Ryan revealed his past to us that day, he nearly sent tears down our eyes. But thanks Mr. Ryan for being so open to us. Also, starting class 15 minutes later indeed help us get some food before we begin 3 hours of class. Otherwise, there might just be 16 skeletons walking out of class at 4pm each Friday.

One last word. As I write my reflection on the people in class, my purpose is really thank you guys for being you. As I look back and see time fly (like how we can never return to our childhood), I have learnt to treasure the friends I am blessed with. And please do not feel complied to leave a comment because I’ve already met my objective of the reflection!

Cheers to all, my friends!


4 thoughts on “WEEK 7 REFLECTION

  1. Pamela i still remember that day! We were sharing umbrella. I remembered telling you something about nothing really being impossible. If you want it you will get it. Many people look at education as keys to get a good career, instead of doing really good and shining wherever you are, as long as you are doing something you like? Its very sweet of you to write about each one of us!

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