I have absolutely no idea why, but somehow mothers (noble mothers) in the world just love to give birth to kids in the month of august. I know alot people’s birthday on August that i forgot about my ex-classmate huiwen’s one. Im so sorry huiwen!!!!! By the way, Happy Birthday August babies, if you happen to read this.

With so many birthday celebrations, it makes me wonder why people even celebrated birthday in the first place. I did a quick google search and they said that people celebrate birthday to:

– Ward off evil spirits because ancient people believed that the spirits visited people on their birthday. (Ohh..)

– People took note of the cycle of the moon

These are what I got so far.

But it’s interesting to see how different people react to birthdays. I ever heard a little girl boasting to her mum that she is turning 5 in few days. Then we have young people celebrating birthdays for the fun of it. But, middle aged woman tend to hide their birthdays. And older people don’t even want to mention about their birthdays. Well, this is just generally speaking. So what makes people want to celebrate their birthdays?

To acknowledge their age? To show that they have survived one year longer? To gather friends together? Its a personal thing, but I think that people celebrate birthdays to commemorate the fact life is precious. Cheesy, I know. But you see, if life ain’t precious, why bother remembering Time? Being 1 year older means that we have lived for another year, it’s another 365 days of life we’ve had, isn’t that amazing?

And isn’t that amazing, too, that after a good long year, we still have the ability to celebrate? I mean, some people, or, as a matter of fact, many people, don’t even have the confidence to be able celebrate their next birthday. The only predictable thing in life is not just taxes, but that life itself.

So go on, celebrate your birthday! Glorify it, dignify it. Every year counts and every birthdays are worth respecting. Older people out there (I’ll be old one day too, we all will) don’t be shy of your birthday! Celebrate another year here with your friends and family! Children, have fun! It’s your day! Young people, spend the time with those you love!

On birthdays, enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Alright, like what I said on the phone, birthdays are an excuse to gather and see awesome faces like mine.
    oK? HAHA alright i pushed up your tag count by one : )

  2. PAMELA IS BLOGGING! and you didn’t tell me >.<
    and i agree, you are never too old to celebrate your birthday, never too old to have a birthday cake, never too old to have people you love sing you the birthday song xD

    i know! why are there so many august babies!

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