Johnny Depp is kept busy! He has also signed up for Mad Hatter (some time ago, actually), a film to be directed by Tim Burton. Like I mentioned in the previous post, Wolski’s the DP for the film, Alice in Wonderland. Woohoo!

Here’s an illustration of Mad Hatter:

Just imagine Johnny Depp’s face there. I just can’t wait. Hope the cast and crew will do a fantastic job! I have all my confidence in them. Come on you can do it!

Anyway, I don’t usually post stuff on the internet, but this week has been rather exciting that I need to jot down my thoughts somewhere so that I can remember them. I’ve been spending most of my time watching movies now a days, making full use of the days before school re-opens. Sad, to some, I know. But to me, I enjoyed every moment of it. It’s like, paradise.

Coincidentally, as I was talking about trilogies yesterday, I just watched a great trilogy today! The all time classic, Back to the Future, 1,2 & 3!!! All at once. And, I simply loved it!

With 3 different time frame shown, or should we say traveled to, in the story and a relatively complex plot, the filmmakers were able to put their ideas across so simply and wonderfully. I mean, the audiences could understand the complexity of the 3 films, yet comprehend them simply. That’s what I call true wonders. Everything just blended in perfectly. Their way of story telling was so smooth and cleverly conveyed, that I was glued to my sit through out. Kudos to everyone in the team! The cast and crew were simply talented. Woow.

And ‘MovieMagic’, because just the other day, I was watching Nosferatu (1922), its was so so so so good, it freaked me out terribly. I watched it at around mid night (what a great time, and intelligent choice), that I dared not go to bed alone. Embarrassingly, I went to my parent’s bedroom and slept there till 3 in the morning, till my Dad rushed me out of the room. I actually felt uneasy for the whole of next day.

A 1922 film, no sound, no ‘colour’ (colour was painted on the film stock itself, but not shot in colours), and it scared the s*** out of me. I learnt a lesson- Don’t ever, ever, ever judge a movie’s impact by the era it was filmed in. I didn’t judge Nosferatu before I watched it, but I admit I was not as prepared to watch it as I would have been, should the film be another film made not too long ago. It was bad ‘judgment’ on my part. I never saw the effect it had on me coming. All I thought was that I would be scared only while watching the film. Now, I know, and I salute the filmmakers of Nosferatu, one of the best films ever made. It was terribly great, no puns intended.

I took a few screen shots of the film.

Warning: Not for the faint hearted.

Honestly, catch the film if you haven’t. It should be somewhere in the Esplanade library, or any library that have the right sense to have such great film for loan.

I guarantee a sleepless night. No kidding.

Movie, is magic.

The above sentence does not apply to crappy movies, of which names shall not be mentioned here.

Oh wait, maybe they ARE magic. Turning film stock and priceless film equipments to stuff that shouldn’t even be edited. What amazement.



Time for a celebration!

It has been announced that Johnny Depp will be staring in Pirates if the Caribbean 4! This IS great news, because the first 3 was so beautifully done. Oh course, there were parts that I didn’t quite like, but overall, I love the film. It has also introduced me to another DP who I admire. Dariusz Wolski. He photographed the 3 POTC movies, and did Sweeney Todd too, which I thought was simply wonderful. Right now, he’s shooting another of Tim Burton’s film, Alice in Wonderland. Cool huh. Anyway, here’s a part of the article of Johnny Depp’s new film:

It looks like the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie is now on. Johnny Depp has just agreed to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. According to Variety, Disney has him chained to the Black Pearl for at least one more film.”

It’s just exciting? Not many movie sequels can produce constantly good films throughout. Johnny Depp’s acting in the 3 films (and all of his other films) was just perfect. And to think he actually ‘fought’ for his perception of the way Captain Jack Sparrow should be protrayed. He is indeed admirable. Another of my favourite is the Lord of the Rings trilogy.





This is great! haha!

The 8th Wonder of the World: Life

For the rain it raineth every day.– Twelfth Night

Life is a wonder in itself. So much has happened to me lately that I don’t know where to start. Family, friends, school etc. are coming up with new events every minute that I wonder if its worth my thinking or not. Things are beginning to bother me, and I sometimes think if I’ve taken the right step. I mean, every steps leads to some where in my future, doesn’t it? And one wrong step can lead to something really undesirable. I know this good enough, who hasn’t made mistakes?

I know we live in a world where man cannot exist alone. It would suck if I’m all alone in the world. Like Tom Hanks in his film Cast Away, oh he was all alone… But sometimes, I just wish that there is a place that belongs to me, and me alone. Just me, living on my own. I need friends, yes I do. And I love my friends. But haven’t you experienced some time in your life that you wished you were left alone? Not permanently, just for a while.

It’s not about being ’emo’ here, wrist slitting, drug taking, drinking… No, its not that. Definitely and thankfully not. It’s just about having some time I can consider mine, not having to worry about whether what I do affects anyone else or not. It’s just about me, knowing what I really want in life and not head an endless road, seeking it’s pleasures along the way. And it’s just about me, having commitments and sticking to them, but with the knowledge of what they actually are. Really, it’s about me, knowing who I am and what I need in life.

If only, the world, and life itself, was made clearer to me. If only I know what is this thing about life, its wonders, and its experiences all about. If only I know what does the world has got to offer, and what I can have, or need from it. But if only, all these never existed in the first place. Things would have been made much easier. Life might have been better, too.

I’m not hoping that after you, my friends, read this page, everything will seem dull to you, void without colour. I’m just voicing out what I think and what I hope to think. Nothing here is sad, really. It’s just that I need time to sort out my thinkings. But things can look good along the way, things can be cheerful. Really.

I’m tired, good night.

“What is love? ‘Tis not hereafter.
Present mirth hath present laughter.
What’s to come is still unsure.
In delay there lies no plenty,
Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty.
Youth’s a stuff will not endure.”

Feste, the Witty Clown.

Twelfth Night

Reality Bites

No, I’m not talking about the film Reality Bites (1994), directed by Ben Stiller, photographed by Emmanuel Lubezki, here. It’s a nice movie, but right now, I’m talking about the film’s title.

Reality Bites. Real Hard.

Just recently, there is this big hoo-har about the ‘poisonous’ milk from China, and how innocent kids die and many others hospitalised, just because they happened to need milk to live. I mean, what, you’d KILL kids for money? Where is the love, eh? China has produced enough fakes, that I’m sick and tired of hearing it anymore. (please don’t say: then don’t hear, cause that’s totally lame) Announcing: fake goods, fake food, fake mineral water… FAKE FAKE FAKE. C’mon, in this year’s Beijing Olympics, they even had a FAKE girl singing on stage, because the real singer ain’t pretty enough. Fake person. Aren’t you ever tired of faking it all? Oh yeah, and talk about fake Fireworks at the opening ceremony. Hah. Isn’t that just, LAME? You love your ‘face’ so much eh? Then chop it off, damnit, and you don’t have to worry about how others view you anymore. I’d galdly provide the chopper.

I’m not condemning China. I believe there are nice people living there, but there are just some black sheeps spoiling China’s image. But isn’t it just plain disgusting what some people do over there? People are dying of car crash, plane accidents, sickness, old age… and these are enough. Don’t cause other unnecessary deaths, please. Don’t you feel pathetic at your ‘portfolio’ of deaths caused by greed and ‘idiotess’? Don’t you, seriously? It’s stupid, plain stupid.

My grandparents, who will be visiting China for vacation, don’t even dare to eat the food in China. Milk, or no milk. Restaurant or road-side. Can’t they, and many others, just enjoy their holiday? Oh yeah, they CAN’T, because of the fear and lack of security and confidence that the food industry in China has caused. Wow, look, you’ve scared away tourist. Aren’t you happy now? Congrats.

If you can sense that, I’m boiling mad. You bet I am. So is many others. People who read the papers. Parents of children who are in the hospital because of the milk scandal. I’m sorry to say this, but I have enough anger in me because of the incident, that if you present the dude (i forgot his evil name) who caused this incident, I can punch him in the face. So much more of what I can say about how I’d want to beat him up, but this is the internet, so.. I’ll keep these thoughts in me for now.

Enough of China. Here in Singapore, we have ‘important’ and ‘used-to-be-respected’ people who LIE for charity. Ironic isn’t is? Years ago, we have the Golden Tap Dude who caused disappointment regarding cheating in a famous charity organization in the country. (I won’t name names, because people who happen to be in that organization, be it volunteers or beneficiaries, are innocent). And just few months back, we have D-Monk of a charity association who also did dishonest deeds for the sake of…. MONEY! Tada! Yeah, you climb buildings and do other dangerous stunts, not for the needy, eh? Just a gentle reminder, in future if you decide to do some kind of up-side-down stunts, do remember to empty your pockets before the coins, notes, GoldBars fall out. Seriously.

And the Iraq war. C’mon. People are tired, really. Just stop it, will you? Or shall I recommend you In The Valley of Elah. You are killing you country’s own future. Martin Scorsese’s The Big Shave (1967), short film of the Vietnam War says it all for the Iraq war too.

Give us a break, will you guys?

It’ll be appreciated.

The Moon, the Cake, and the Lanterns.

Just a few days ago was moon-cake festival, a yearly Chinese festival. It is celebrated during the day of the year with the fullest and brightest moon.

Anyway, a few classmates and I went to the park to play with candles and lanterns on that very day.

Some of us:

We laughed like mad. It was fun!

Anyway, its ShuHui and Ying’s birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Love you girls.


Fantasy isn’t Always Imagined

Sometimes I wonder why people draw a line between fantasy and reality. To me, fantasy DO happen. Oh yes, they do.

Like what Federico Fellini said, he sees no differences between fantasy and reality. In his films, fantasy switches to reality without any indications. Which is cool, really. I got this ‘fantasy isn’t always imagined’ idea from learning about Fellini and some other films I watched.

If we believe it to be, fantasy can always be a part of our everyday lives. I believe.

These are some films that shaped my thinking:

I normally Don’t cry while watching movies, but I cried my eyes out while watching A Little Princess. Great dialogue, brilliant acting, fantastic cinematography.(Photographed by….. Emmanuel Lubezki!!!!!!! Partially thus the movie’s greatness)…. (below)

A masterpiece. The little kid CAN act. She’s just so sweet. I absolutely love the storyline too… (below)

Pan’s Labyrinth. I was doing so much research for this movie at first, but the movie was so so good, that I decided not to look for the magic behind the making of this film. Let the Movie do the taking here. (spoiler ahead maybe) So much to think about its ending: did everything really take place or not???…. (below)

These films are a must watch. haha!!

Anyway, its my mom’s birthday today: Happy Birhtday Mommy!!!!! (21/09/08)


Go on, have fun, kids!

I was walking home from school today when I saw something really sad. No, not a funeral, not a dead dog or cat or what have you. But a poor kid being scolded by her mom for running and jumping onto a bus stop seat. Let’s see:

Kid: Yay!!!

Runs and hops onto the bus stop chair and sits with satisfaction on it.

Mom: What are you doing! Who taught you how to do it! If you never listen to me, I’ll never bring you out anymore!! (muffles muffles…..) ……..I’ll pluck out your ear!

I mean, seriously, what was what I heard. Not the exactly same words, but something like that. The plucking out of her kid’s ear and all, I heard it. Damn. It was nasty.

The mom dude’s afraid that her dear daughter’s going to dash to the road I think, but come on, which silly child will run HEAD ON TOWARDS THE ROAD. Yeah, you are afraid for your daughter, but must you shout at her IN FRONT OF SO MANY PEOPLE? Must you shout at her just because she ran and hop on to a chair WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION? Must you shout at her because your kid is trying to HAVE SOME FUN? With all honestly of the world: MUST YOU!? Damnit.

So it makes sense to you huh, to shout at your poor kid for having fun. I know, you worry for her. I know you love her. Oh you bet I do. But I’m saying, kids need to have fun. They need to play. That’s where their creativity grow. That’s where they learn what you can’t teach them. That’s life, man.

Oh yeah, I love parents. I admire most of them for their selfless love for their kids. But what annoys and disturbs me most is when parents stop their kids from having fun; from knowing what there is for them on earth; from experiencing life as it is. Being overly protective won’t do your kids any good. It stops an important growth- Creativity. No Play, No creativity. Yeah?

Let your kids run, man. Let them have little cuts and bruises on their young knees and elbows. Let them run, have fun. Let them fall, then let them learn to stand up again. But, sane-ly speaking, don’t let them fall off buildings due to your neglectence. You know what I mean…

If there’s something that pains me most in growing up, is not having the opportunity to dare to play. I’ve seen too many parents caring far too much for their kids that their kids are no longer kids, but adults trapped in a tiny body. Not in terms of maturity, but in terms of taking things too seriously. I myself have this experience.

In Primary school, I have this teacher I love. Maybe because I’ve know her for so long, thats why I love her. But in school, I feared her. She scolds us at the slightest mistake- She scolds us for sitting on the table. She punishes us for shaking our legs. She scolds us for playing in class. She punishes us for not answering academic questions. Yes, she does it ‘for our own good’. But what good? Maybe if she hadn’t scolded my friend for sitting on the table years ago, that friend of mine could now be a great inventor of some sort of table-and-chair mechanic. And then go on to invent new cool stuff for the SOCIETY. Wouldn’t that be great?

So if there’s something I don’t understand of some adults, (some, because I’ve seen G.R.E.A.T. parents around), it is why they do these sort of things to their kids. Kids whom they love and adore.

Don’t harm them by killing their creativity, parents of the world.

I want to be a kid again.

Hmm, or maybe a good parent.