Life’s More than a Deck of Cards

Some days ago, some girls and myself were at Jacq’s place during her birthday playing with a deck of cards. (Happy Birthday girl!) Ray was trying to ‘see’ the truth about a girl and the ‘love of her life’ and how much they ‘love’ one another. It was fun, I must say, and there were lots of laugh.

I was just thinking about it when I thought how nice it must be if what the cards can tell is true. Don’t get me wrong, girls. The ‘results’ Ray got for me from the cards ain’t good, hah, so I’m not saying I wished the results were true. What I’m saying is, if only life was made so much simpler that a deck of cards can tell us exactly what’s going on with our lives and the people around us.

If only that could happen, we wouldn’t waste so much time and effort thinking again and again, effortlessly, about uncertain things in life- family, love, friends, studies etc etc… If only these decks of card could tell me the situation I’m in now so that I can act accordingly. If only these decks of cards could tell me what to do. If only these decks of card can tell me the truth, at least I know what to expect. Yeah, If Only…

But then again, if I know all the truth at once, by The deck of cards, all hope is lost. Yes? No? Hopes on what the future holds. Hopes on what we can try to achieve, since we don’t know the (painful) truth. Hopes on surprises in the everyday life. Yeah, Hopes. Hopes on what The Tomorrow can give, although at the end of that tomorrow, we might wish none of these ever happened.

I’m not sitting on the fence here, on whether it is better in having our future plainly told to us easily. I’m just trying to be objective, since there can actually be 2 answers to the question, depending on the individual.

So now it’s up to me to decide for myself which is best.. Should i dump the deck of cards? Hah.

Disclaimer: Whatever games we were playing have no spiritual intentions or religious statements. They are just games offered by my dear friend Ray, for the sake of fun.

Should the cards tell the future?


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