Deja Vu?

There is nothing scary in this post, just mere funny, pure coincidence.

Last semester, during a Location Production module, we were assigned a project called NVP 3, and my group mates and I shot a shoot called Time’s a Misery’. Just few days back, I was watching Romeo + Juliet directed by Baz Luhrmann, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo and Claire Danes as Juliet. It was a pretty good movie I must say, unique in terms of the dialogue the filmmakers chose to ‘reuse’.

But here’s the exciting part. In the movie, I saw this shot of Romeo taking the poison while going to kill himself:

And then I remembered a shot in Time’s a Misery. It’s when the main character decides to take a potion to go back to the past. (Hope Justin doesn’t mind me using his picture here.) It goes as such:

Funny isnt it. Haha.. I mean, look at the composition and ‘blocking’. Shot size differs just a little. I was shocked to see this. It was totally unintended. HAHA…

Anyway, here’s just to credit the crew in this project together:

Crew: Vanessa, Jacq, Diana, Benedict, Kelvin, me.

Cast: Justin, Sam, Eugene, YiHui

It was a fun project.



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