Go on, have fun, kids!

I was walking home from school today when I saw something really sad. No, not a funeral, not a dead dog or cat or what have you. But a poor kid being scolded by her mom for running and jumping onto a bus stop seat. Let’s see:

Kid: Yay!!!

Runs and hops onto the bus stop chair and sits with satisfaction on it.

Mom: What are you doing! Who taught you how to do it! If you never listen to me, I’ll never bring you out anymore!! (muffles muffles…..) ……..I’ll pluck out your ear!

I mean, seriously, what was what I heard. Not the exactly same words, but something like that. The plucking out of her kid’s ear and all, I heard it. Damn. It was nasty.

The mom dude’s afraid that her dear daughter’s going to dash to the road I think, but come on, which silly child will run HEAD ON TOWARDS THE ROAD. Yeah, you are afraid for your daughter, but must you shout at her IN FRONT OF SO MANY PEOPLE? Must you shout at her just because she ran and hop on to a chair WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION? Must you shout at her because your kid is trying to HAVE SOME FUN? With all honestly of the world: MUST YOU!? Damnit.

So it makes sense to you huh, to shout at your poor kid for having fun. I know, you worry for her. I know you love her. Oh you bet I do. But I’m saying, kids need to have fun. They need to play. That’s where their creativity grow. That’s where they learn what you can’t teach them. That’s life, man.

Oh yeah, I love parents. I admire most of them for their selfless love for their kids. But what annoys and disturbs me most is when parents stop their kids from having fun; from knowing what there is for them on earth; from experiencing life as it is. Being overly protective won’t do your kids any good. It stops an important growth- Creativity. No Play, No creativity. Yeah?

Let your kids run, man. Let them have little cuts and bruises on their young knees and elbows. Let them run, have fun. Let them fall, then let them learn to stand up again. But, sane-ly speaking, don’t let them fall off buildings due to your neglectence. You know what I mean…

If there’s something that pains me most in growing up, is not having the opportunity to dare to play. I’ve seen too many parents caring far too much for their kids that their kids are no longer kids, but adults trapped in a tiny body. Not in terms of maturity, but in terms of taking things too seriously. I myself have this experience.

In Primary school, I have this teacher I love. Maybe because I’ve know her for so long, thats why I love her. But in school, I feared her. She scolds us at the slightest mistake- She scolds us for sitting on the table. She punishes us for shaking our legs. She scolds us for playing in class. She punishes us for not answering academic questions. Yes, she does it ‘for our own good’. But what good? Maybe if she hadn’t scolded my friend for sitting on the table years ago, that friend of mine could now be a great inventor of some sort of table-and-chair mechanic. And then go on to invent new cool stuff for the SOCIETY. Wouldn’t that be great?

So if there’s something I don’t understand of some adults, (some, because I’ve seen G.R.E.A.T. parents around), it is why they do these sort of things to their kids. Kids whom they love and adore.

Don’t harm them by killing their creativity, parents of the world.

I want to be a kid again.

Hmm, or maybe a good parent.



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