Fantasy isn’t Always Imagined

Sometimes I wonder why people draw a line between fantasy and reality. To me, fantasy DO happen. Oh yes, they do.

Like what Federico Fellini said, he sees no differences between fantasy and reality. In his films, fantasy switches to reality without any indications. Which is cool, really. I got this ‘fantasy isn’t always imagined’ idea from learning about Fellini and some other films I watched.

If we believe it to be, fantasy can always be a part of our everyday lives. I believe.

These are some films that shaped my thinking:

I normally Don’t cry while watching movies, but I cried my eyes out while watching A Little Princess. Great dialogue, brilliant acting, fantastic cinematography.(Photographed by….. Emmanuel Lubezki!!!!!!! Partially thus the movie’s greatness)…. (below)

A masterpiece. The little kid CAN act. She’s just so sweet. I absolutely love the storyline too… (below)

Pan’s Labyrinth. I was doing so much research for this movie at first, but the movie was so so good, that I decided not to look for the magic behind the making of this film. Let the Movie do the taking here. (spoiler ahead maybe) So much to think about its ending: did everything really take place or not???…. (below)

These films are a must watch. haha!!

Anyway, its my mom’s birthday today: Happy Birhtday Mommy!!!!! (21/09/08)



2 thoughts on “Fantasy isn’t Always Imagined

  1. I especially like this ‘fantasy’ post. Some others are pretty interesting too. I think I’ll add you to my blogroll. I’m new here at WordPress and so only have a few posts so far…still working on my pages. Swing by and have a look though, and tell me what you think….

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