Reality Bites

No, I’m not talking about the film Reality Bites (1994), directed by Ben Stiller, photographed by Emmanuel Lubezki, here. It’s a nice movie, but right now, I’m talking about the film’s title.

Reality Bites. Real Hard.

Just recently, there is this big hoo-har about the ‘poisonous’ milk from China, and how innocent kids die and many others hospitalised, just because they happened to need milk to live. I mean, what, you’d KILL kids for money? Where is the love, eh? China has produced enough fakes, that I’m sick and tired of hearing it anymore. (please don’t say: then don’t hear, cause that’s totally lame) Announcing: fake goods, fake food, fake mineral water… FAKE FAKE FAKE. C’mon, in this year’s Beijing Olympics, they even had a FAKE girl singing on stage, because the real singer ain’t pretty enough. Fake person. Aren’t you ever tired of faking it all? Oh yeah, and talk about fake Fireworks at the opening ceremony. Hah. Isn’t that just, LAME? You love your ‘face’ so much eh? Then chop it off, damnit, and you don’t have to worry about how others view you anymore. I’d galdly provide the chopper.

I’m not condemning China. I believe there are nice people living there, but there are just some black sheeps spoiling China’s image. But isn’t it just plain disgusting what some people do over there? People are dying of car crash, plane accidents, sickness, old age… and these are enough. Don’t cause other unnecessary deaths, please. Don’t you feel pathetic at your ‘portfolio’ of deaths caused by greed and ‘idiotess’? Don’t you, seriously? It’s stupid, plain stupid.

My grandparents, who will be visiting China for vacation, don’t even dare to eat the food in China. Milk, or no milk. Restaurant or road-side. Can’t they, and many others, just enjoy their holiday? Oh yeah, they CAN’T, because of the fear and lack of security and confidence that the food industry in China has caused. Wow, look, you’ve scared away tourist. Aren’t you happy now? Congrats.

If you can sense that, I’m boiling mad. You bet I am. So is many others. People who read the papers. Parents of children who are in the hospital because of the milk scandal. I’m sorry to say this, but I have enough anger in me because of the incident, that if you present the dude (i forgot his evil name) who caused this incident, I can punch him in the face. So much more of what I can say about how I’d want to beat him up, but this is the internet, so.. I’ll keep these thoughts in me for now.

Enough of China. Here in Singapore, we have ‘important’ and ‘used-to-be-respected’ people who LIE for charity. Ironic isn’t is? Years ago, we have the Golden Tap Dude who caused disappointment regarding cheating in a famous charity organization in the country. (I won’t name names, because people who happen to be in that organization, be it volunteers or beneficiaries, are innocent). And just few months back, we have D-Monk of a charity association who also did dishonest deeds for the sake of…. MONEY! Tada! Yeah, you climb buildings and do other dangerous stunts, not for the needy, eh? Just a gentle reminder, in future if you decide to do some kind of up-side-down stunts, do remember to empty your pockets before the coins, notes, GoldBars fall out. Seriously.

And the Iraq war. C’mon. People are tired, really. Just stop it, will you? Or shall I recommend you In The Valley of Elah. You are killing you country’s own future. Martin Scorsese’s The Big Shave (1967), short film of the Vietnam War says it all for the Iraq war too.

Give us a break, will you guys?

It’ll be appreciated.


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