Time for a celebration!

It has been announced that Johnny Depp will be staring in Pirates if the Caribbean 4! This IS great news, because the first 3 was so beautifully done. Oh course, there were parts that I didn’t quite like, but overall, I love the film. It has also introduced me to another DP who I admire. Dariusz Wolski. He photographed the 3 POTC movies, and did Sweeney Todd too, which I thought was simply wonderful. Right now, he’s shooting another of Tim Burton’s film, Alice in Wonderland. Cool huh. Anyway, here’s a part of the article of Johnny Depp’s new film:

It looks like the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie is now on. Johnny Depp has just agreed to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. According to Variety, Disney has him chained to the Black Pearl for at least one more film.”

It’s just exciting? Not many movie sequels can produce constantly good films throughout. Johnny Depp’s acting in the 3 films (and all of his other films) was just perfect. And to think he actually ‘fought’ for his perception of the way Captain Jack Sparrow should be protrayed. He is indeed admirable. Another of my favourite is the Lord of the Rings trilogy.





This is great! haha!


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