Johnny Depp is kept busy! He has also signed up for Mad Hatter (some time ago, actually), a film to be directed by Tim Burton. Like I mentioned in the previous post, Wolski’s the DP for the film, Alice in Wonderland. Woohoo!

Here’s an illustration of Mad Hatter:

Just imagine Johnny Depp’s face there. I just can’t wait. Hope the cast and crew will do a fantastic job! I have all my confidence in them. Come on you can do it!

Anyway, I don’t usually post stuff on the internet, but this week has been rather exciting that I need to jot down my thoughts somewhere so that I can remember them. I’ve been spending most of my time watching movies now a days, making full use of the days before school re-opens. Sad, to some, I know. But to me, I enjoyed every moment of it. It’s like, paradise.

Coincidentally, as I was talking about trilogies yesterday, I just watched a great trilogy today! The all time classic, Back to the Future, 1,2 & 3!!! All at once. And, I simply loved it!

With 3 different time frame shown, or should we say traveled to, in the story and a relatively complex plot, the filmmakers were able to put their ideas across so simply and wonderfully. I mean, the audiences could understand the complexity of the 3 films, yet comprehend them simply. That’s what I call true wonders. Everything just blended in perfectly. Their way of story telling was so smooth and cleverly conveyed, that I was glued to my sit through out. Kudos to everyone in the team! The cast and crew were simply talented. Woow.

And ‘MovieMagic’, because just the other day, I was watching Nosferatu (1922), its was so so so so good, it freaked me out terribly. I watched it at around mid night (what a great time, and intelligent choice), that I dared not go to bed alone. Embarrassingly, I went to my parent’s bedroom and slept there till 3 in the morning, till my Dad rushed me out of the room. I actually felt uneasy for the whole of next day.

A 1922 film, no sound, no ‘colour’ (colour was painted on the film stock itself, but not shot in colours), and it scared the s*** out of me. I learnt a lesson- Don’t ever, ever, ever judge a movie’s impact by the era it was filmed in. I didn’t judge Nosferatu before I watched it, but I admit I was not as prepared to watch it as I would have been, should the film be another film made not too long ago. It was bad ‘judgment’ on my part. I never saw the effect it had on me coming. All I thought was that I would be scared only while watching the film. Now, I know, and I salute the filmmakers of Nosferatu, one of the best films ever made. It was terribly great, no puns intended.

I took a few screen shots of the film.

Warning: Not for the faint hearted.

Honestly, catch the film if you haven’t. It should be somewhere in the Esplanade library, or any library that have the right sense to have such great film for loan.

I guarantee a sleepless night. No kidding.

Movie, is magic.

The above sentence does not apply to crappy movies, of which names shall not be mentioned here.

Oh wait, maybe they ARE magic. Turning film stock and priceless film equipments to stuff that shouldn’t even be edited. What amazement.


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