Point Proven. HAH!

From this month’s American Cinematography magazine. Made me laugh every time I see it. He’s not just intelligent, but funny too!

Emmanuel Lubezki PROVEN to be the best DP, by me.

I finally managed to catch Burn After Reading with a willing fellow audience, ShuHui, today. And like I said, point proven. Emmanuel Lubezki didn’t disappoint me the least bit. Woohoo!

Plot wise, was just brilliant. The Coen Brothers have definitely done a great job in the storyline and putting the entire masterpiece together. And with credits like The Big Lebowski, Fargo, Barton Fink, Being John Malkovich, No Country for Old Man, etc, they are absolutely the few film making genius ever lived. They’re great!

And cast were amazing too! Brad Pitt was hilarious. Everyone in the theaters burst out laughing whenever he said something ridiculous or did something funny. His character here kind of reminded me of his character, Jeffrey Goines in 12 Monkeys, no idea why. George Clooney and John Malkovich were great too! So are the rest of the cast. And crew.

Never forget the people behind the scenes!

But now, Emmanuel Lubezki! Little camera movements, yes. But this is a comedy, or so to speak, and too much complicated movements might affect audiences’ ability to catch the punchline of a joke by complicating things and distracting us. The scene of Clooney cutting carrots in the kitchen. Simple looking scene, day, interiors. But as said in AC, the natural lighting did not agree with the film makers, so Lubezki had to solve the problem by lighting it the way it was supposed to be. And as it turned out, it looked simple, like, day. Like sun was in favour with them and shinning into the kitchen the way they wanted it to. Lighting was also simple and realistic because the film was about reality.

Here you go,

Emmanuel Lubezki,

Master of Cinematography.

Well, I’m glad some critics did agree with the splendid job by him! Haha!

Trivia from AC:

-Emmanuel Lubezki says he love the Coen brothers “to death” and hopes he did not “destroy the dreams of these two guys I (he) respect so much”. (I definitely believe he did not.)

-Roger Deakins is one of Emmanuel Lubezki’s “favourite cinematographers” and he would consult Deakins for ideas “every time I (he) start a project”.

-Emmanuel Lubezki is very happy to be able to replace Deakins for the film.

Anyway for this month’s great article, you can read the magazine in my school’s library or the Esplanade Library. Or from me! Hoho!

Oh wait, one more thing.

Another reason I really have great respect for this man is because at the 21st Annual American Society of Cinematographers Achievement Awards, he actually invited his camera operator George Richmond to receive the awards with him. He did not gain all credit for himself, but shared it with the person who helped him so much on set. Humble, caring and loving, and intelligent, and talented. And, very talented. Haha!!

Signing off



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