Battle of the Status

India has recently sent their first man on the moon and that has caused unhappiness among some people. They were angry that the government easily spent millions of dollars on their space mission, when people are dying of hunger on the streets of India.

I have to agree. Why spend so much money to improve the nation’s status while the own flesh and blood of the country is facing poverty and living with the very bare necessities of life? Don’t the people make who the nation is, and not it’s technology? You send the man to the moon, while your fellow countrymen are worrying about how to settle their next meal, about their kid’s education, about their job and health.

Well, I understand it’s about the advancing of science and technology, and the increasing of knowledge, but going back to the basic morals of human mind, I still think that giving one a better life is more important than any of these.

I have absolutely no say in this at all, but as an individual, I’d so much rather the government give the money to the poor than invest on sending man to the space. And when I say give it to the poor, I don’t mean trusting them to some ‘organization’ because I have almost lost all my faith in these charity organizations, but rather walking on the streets and handling them over personally to the people. At least no money goes to the building of a more beautiful organization building, or in the Singapore context, the making of a golden tap.

These are just some random thoughts, not strong opinions, because honestly, I haven’t been following closely on the news on this issue. It is also not my purpose of this post, but it leads to it anyway..

Some days ago, I was greatly affected by a comment/thought of a friend, and it hurt me. He/she said something unkind to another friend of mine behind his/her back, with regards to the issue of the rich and the poor. Ok, I’m not going to specifics and details here to keep it as private as possible. But what I’m saying is that I was greatly affected and disturbed. And disgusted.

Why is it that people judge others with their status in mind, and not the personality and characteristics? Like the people in a nation make who the nation is, doesn’t the personality of a person make who he/she is? It doesn’t make any sense to me that a person’s worth is judged by how much he/she has in the bank account, or how much the family has. The individuality of the person is more valuable than all of these added up together.

I’m not trying to preach here, but this is just what I feel strongly about.

I have a secondary school friend who is rich. Almost, very rich. However, her family lives a humble life, and almost all the clothes she wears are either school t-shirts or the very common shirts and pants. Nothing fanciful, nothing proud. 5-6 years ago, when I first knew her, another friend of mine was telling me that this girl doesn’t want to ‘show off’ her status becasue she’d rather have friends like her for who she is than what she is. She is a lovely girl by nature, very crazy though. And because of that, she have my respect. That was 6 years ago when I heard the comment, but up till now, I will remember it. We are still friends now, she’s studying overseas, but I’ll see her soon, and I miss her. And no matter what, she has my total respect.

I don’t know why did that friend have to make such a comment on the other friend of mine, and what caused him/her to think like that. There’s nothing much I can do I think, other than, well, not ever following my friend’s thought or footsteps.

Well, never judge a person by first appearance or superficial chats with him/her. It takes time to know one, and sometimes, the more you know, the more it hurts.

Like what Brad Pitt’s character in Burn After Reading said, ‘Looks are… deceptive.’

How true.


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