Life’s Like That

Sometimes, words of wisdom comes suddenly, sometimes, it comes naturally, and seldom times, it comes wisely. But the best part of it, it always come from the most unexpected and idiotic person. Which, kind of makes him/her special and even wiser than…. the president himself.

Well, last week, my lecturer told us that another lecturer mentioned: Don’t think out of the box, because there is no box to begin with. It made sense, actually, and I kind of like the quote. But, a friend of mine, one full of nonsense, said: Think out of the box, but stay within the walls. Now that caught me! It’s so so true. I mean, so many people tell us to think out of the box, and when we try to do so, they secretly built another wall around us, to keep us in and ‘safe’ still. Cynical, but true. And wise. That’s life anyway.

People always say, go try new things, explore, have your individual freedom, express yourself. And when we try to do what they say, they set another ‘invisible’ but very-there parameter. Ironic huh, but that’s life. Sometimes, that’s the government, the authority, the rules.

Another day, two of my friends were debating over whether we were born to enjoy ourselves and live life to the fullest, or just born to die. They were so deep in the debate when I said, ‘Hey guys, actually, I think we are born to live, and then we live to die.’ Woow, I tell you, there was this moment of silence, and we were like, ‘Wow!’. HAHA. But to me, though I thought of it on the spot, I think I agree with it. I mean, not 100%, but it contains some truth, doesn’t it? We are born, then we try to live life the way we want, or the way people want us to, and then every day is one day nearer to death. We are just waiting for it, subconsciously. Sometimes, ignorantly.

This is not an emo post. I wrote it with an absolutely nonchalant attitude, and even a slightly happy one. Well, like a friend said: if the world doesn’t suck, we’ll all fall out. Which, is true, and I accept it with a smile.


Smile, and the world smile with you. Frown, and the world ignores you.


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