Fate or Destiny?

Our life. Fate or destiny? You decide.

I remember when I was in secondary school, a teacher once said that fate is something ‘bad’ that happens to you, and it is caused by a series of unfortunate events, a ‘no choice’ kind of thing. Destiny, on the other hand, is something divine, a blessing in a way, something good that is sealed the moment we are born.

Well, if you were to ask me, I’d say my life is more of ‘fate’ than ‘destiny’. Things don’t always go my way, and even if they do, they are things that I don’t really hold dear to. Oh well, I think it may give this ‘loser appeal’, but guess what- yup, its’ ‘fate’.

I’m still waiting for something ‘destined’ to appear. They say miracles do happen, eh? Well, Let one happen to me, please. I’m waiting for a miracle (Can’t say what, haha). A twist in ‘fate’ and a beginning of ‘destiny’.

I want to continue hoping, but I guess sometimes too much of hopes can be tiring. We keep hoping, but if things never happen, hope becomes a burden. It drains your energy, instead of providing you with it. It makes waking up difficult, instead of making it exciting. So it’s true that too much of something can be bad.

And people also say “be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it all.” Hah, if only. If only I can get what I wish for, I don’t know, but I’d probably have no regrets.

Anyway, speaking of fate, live and hope, my heart goes out to Ms Lo Hwei Yen, who was killed in a terrorist attack in India. No one wanted this to happen, and it has indeed broke the hearts of Singaporeans, much more her loved ones. It was senseless murder, one that shouldn’t even happen. It made no sense to me.

Terrorist treat in Singapore is REAL. Anything can happen, anytime. While we are all mourning for her death, I guess it’s time we start to treasure our lives and the people around us. If there’s any dreams unfulfilled, or things undone, do it now, or it might just be too late for regrets.

Quit these muse.. I have something more cheerful to say:

Can’t wait to watch Body Of Lies! Leonardo DiCaprio never fails to impress me with his acting, and Ridley Scott’s a cool director. I absolutely love his “American Gangster “, “Gladiator” and “Hannibal” among others.   I’ve read about this film in the American Cinematographer magazine, and it has definitely increased my want to watch this film. Can’t wait to check out Alexander Witt’s cinematography. This is one of his first few films he crewed as DP. Hopefully all the priceless experiences as Second Unit DP and in the camera crew will be of great help in his role as DP. I have confidence in Witt! Hope it doesn’t disappoint me. I need some excitement in my life. Haha!

Back to reality (out of movie fantasies I meant), I still hope miracles do happen, and I’m waiting for one to happen.

And guess what, yes, I’m still waiting for you, whoever you may be.

Let’s hope this hope don’t become a burden, although it may be somewhere there already.



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