Kkkkk, alright, its time to write something happy eh.

Today, I finally managed to catch Body Of Lies. Its a nice story overall, though some parts are kind of ‘cliche’. like the girlfriend thing, wont say here in case I might spoil it. Haha. Plot wise, it was complicating, with so many characters and each one a significant role to play. But well, Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t disappoint me with his acting and Alexander Witt’s cinematography was pretty good too! But then again, the colour scheme for locations are so often seen before, like in Traffic. Oh well, if they didn’t use the style, it might just make it more difficult to follow the story. It was a pretty good film overall..

Alright, I’m mot complaining here, just saying. Lessons learnt, prices paid. Today hasn’t been a good day, but my mood is not spoilt nonetheless.

This morning, just an hour before our non fict pitch, the Powerpoint CRASHED! Totally, data all gone, it freaking died. And I didn’t backup the Powerpoint, I feel so bad for my group šŸ˜¦ Class started at 10am, and thank god we weren’t the first to present. So we had like, say, 1 hour to REDO the entire presentation! Kind of managed to get it done, but it didn’t look as good as the one we did previously. Sigh, this is, well, fate. Ok, maybe not, I overlooked the backing up of files. Me bad. And we didn’t have time to rehearse for the pitch, and ended up with a…. C. Ahhhhh crap. 25% gone, poof, just like that. Ah well, no use complaining, life goes on, its not the end of the world, lesson learnt. The hard way. And I’m feeling soooo sorry I didnt back up copies. Sigh.

Anyway, after lunch, we had to shoot a project with the Business & Accountancy School. Things were kind of last minute, and everyone didn’t have much of a clue what’s going on. Then, the weather played games with us. Freak la. First, it was so hot. Humid. We were all sweating like mad. Then it cooled down. Wooh! BUT, it started to RAIN, then POUR. And cats and dogs suddenly fell from the sky. Ok, i’m kidding. But it POURED! LIKE CRAZY. So the continuity was all off, WS was bright sunny say, CU’s were all dark and gloomy. Damn. Amount of footage was a problem too, so now our only hope is that editing can salvage the situation. Its so wrong to rely on editing only, but I hope things work out fine. If not, reshoot? Man, I have no idea.

Now this is exciting: After the shoot, a couple of friends and I went to watch Body Of Lies. Full of projects, but I guess we needed a break. We went to buy tickets at Golden Village, and I left my laptop on the counter. After getting the ticket, we all left, with me forgetting my laptop! OH MY GOODNESS. How on earth can I ever forget this???? And I only found out after dinner. OH MY OH MY. Ying and I search Mos, but no one saw any laptop. Then I remembered leaving it at the counter of GV, so Ying and I rushed up. Thank god it was there, if not I really would not have known what to do, seriously. Thanks man, Ying, for accompanying me!

Wow. 2 major, never-to-be made mistake made today. I guess I’ve learnt my lesson, really. I’d probably live the rest of my life remembering to back up my files and never, ever, leave anything behind. Ahhhh, lesson learnt, prices paid. The hard way.

Ok guys, I promise never to do it again. Its a promise made to myself and all my friends. Especially the backing up of files one, man, I’ll never not do it again.

Back to doing project. Nights.



4 thoughts on “Wahaha.

  1. Ahhh!! Shuhui Im doing my freaking pov when i received ur email, so come here to chill for a while!

    No, you know that when we were watching the movie, we were thinking of u all the way!


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