Celebrate Life.

There are so many things I want to say, so pardon me for the long post.



I was recently doing some research for a school project when I went to watch Great Expectations (1998) again! Woohoo! The film remained so beautiful to me, even though it’s the second time I’m re-watching some scenes. See, Emmanuel Lubezki rocks! Hahaha!! And guess what- I think I’ve found a favourite composer. Mr….. Patrick Doyle! He’s born in UK, and was nominated for 2 Oscars.

Music isn’t usually an aspect of film that I would purposely take notice of, though I have to admit that it does subconsciously affect me and my perception of a film. But Patrick Doyle’s music stunned me. It captured me. I was adsorbed into the music of Great Expectations. There was just this something in the music that made me want to hear it over and over again. There is this magic in it that brings back memories when I hear it and watch the film. It compliments the film. Great Expectation’s music is as beautiful as its cinematography. Perfect.

Some lovely quote from my favourite scene:

“Are we happy now?”

“Anything that might be special in me, is you.”


Anyway, the 2009 Golden Globe nominees are out. And good news is, Burn After Reading is nominated for Best Motion Picture- Comedy or Musical! Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!! Congrats to the filmmakers. Call me biased, but I really do hope that BAR will win! Heh! Congrats to the other nominees, though I haven’t watch some of the films, since they are not out in Singapore yet. 😦

Oh well, may the best picture win.


And last week, my school had a free screening of 18 Grams of Love in Sinema Old School. Its about 2 husbands who think their wifes are cheating on them, and decided to test their wife’s faithfulness by getting each other to write letters to the other party’s wife. Oh my oh my, honestly, with all honesty in the world, it is the BEST local feature film I’ve seen. Story wise, it was smart. Not the usual 3 cries + 2 laughter formula other local filmmakers swear to, and make us eventually are so sick and tired of seeing.

Its set up, the ‘twist’, the way an event leads to another, the way the conflict was settles was brilliant. An intelligent plot. Cinematography was beautiful. Though the image was greatly was graded in post, I think they did capture the look they were looking for- like the film Amelie. And the editing was great! I particularly loved the part when the 2 couples quarreled in the hotel room. Editing, directing and acting complimented each other so well, it fitted to the mood of the film so perfectly. I would love to watch it a second time.

Do catch it if you can. 8/10. GREATLY recommended. Oh, and the main crew are from Ngee Ann Poly’s Film, Sound & Video. Great job guys! You are our inspiration! Haha.



I wished I still believe in Santa, the old dude who rewards good kids, but I think I don’t believe in him anymore. I mean, fantasy do mean something to me, I believe in it- but Santa? Maybe age killed him. Kids, enjoy Santa while you still have him. He is gone once you grow up. But he’s a great guy.

Terrorism (So off topic, I know.)


While the mourning for Lo Hwei Yen has died down- and thank god for that, at least her family are free from the press and public- I can’t help but need to make this comment:

So many people around me feel that her death is a pity cause she is pretty, she is a lawyer, she is recently married, and she enjoys life. Yes, I agree, she is very beautiful. I admire her intelligence and perseverance for becoming a lawyer.

But you know, one’s worth is not judged by what she is, but who she is. She is human, one with a life to live. Human, like you and I. Are we sad for her because of her qualities? Does being a lawyer add on to her worth as a human? Do we feel the pain just because she is so pretty? Hey, if, say, a cleaner was the victim instead. How would we respond to that? Will we experience the same amount of pain, and will we think his/her attack is equally wasted? Because of your answer is No, I question your love for life and people.

If we judge someone’s life and worth by his/her qualities, and not just because he/she is plainly human, I think there is seriously something wrong with our way of thinking. To me, every human is equal. All to be loved. Ok, the evil ones can burn in hell for all I care. I’m talking about humans. People who just want to live. Yes we all make mistakes, no one is perfect, but that doesn’t make us any less worth than any one you see walking in the streets.

But anyway, this is just my personal thoughts and feelings. No hard feelings. So let’s just celebrate life. Do what you think you have to do now, before it’s too late.

Life’s not worth the waste.


Its the festive seasons soon. Lets not get too emotional and serious here.

With all my love, friends- you guys have a happy holiday!!!!! =D

P.S. I might still be waiting for you, but I don’t know. I think I am, whoever you are. Though I hope I no longer am.

Happy holidays folks. Remember, celebrate life!


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