Its the term break now, or year end holidays, whichever sounds more relaxing. I have quite a number of assignments to complete, but for the past 1 week, I have been having so much fun. Shopping, hanging out with friends, reading AC (finally!!!), reading this really cool Kodak magazine, and watching lots of movies- yes, MOVIES! The love of my life. I’m so addicted to them, in a good way I hope, that I just want to say -eh, screw assignments man, let’s go watch Movie! Hah! (Don’t worry, I’ll get my work done.)

But it just seems that I have this want, desire, NEED to watch movies. Lots and lots of them. It’s a love affair.

There are so many reasons I love to watch movies. Yes, it give me 2 hours of an out-of-the-world experience, it brings me away from the many worries and troubles that I have in this world, but no, not because I have nothing better to do. But movies are something I believe in.. cliche, well, yeah maybe.. Having learnt about film history I think I’ve pretty much learnt to appreciate movies so much more. Black and white movies? Bring it on! haha 🙂 I love them! Old films are good, really. 400 Blows, La Dolce Vita, The Third Man, etc are such fantastic films.

Movies are such beautiful collaboration between people from different backgrounds and different talents, who have one thing on common- the same dream. The same trust, hope, belief and dream for a story, and to make it possible together. Thats a beauty of film. Something that the filmmakers so much want to tell the world, a beauty that they want to express, a thought to share, a warning to proclaim, or a love to give.. Ok fine, money and fame plays a huge role too. Hah, it has to be admitted.

Movies are great! They are like another REAL world out there, where things happen. Alright, I’d probably have to get back to getting some work done soon. But wait- its Christmas soon, we have to have fun! HAHA!

Just a note: I love film. Film, film. Not digital, but film. I support it, and in a Kodak advertisement I saw, it has a line which reads: The fact is, when you shoot HD you hope it looks like film. No one ever shoots film hoping to emulate HD. This is so true! Support film! =D

It’s a love affair also because I want to say how much I love my family. I know I’m 18, its suppose to be the rebellious age when family sucks and the world pretty much just sucks. Sorry, that’s just stereotyping.

There are times when my parents NEVER, EVER, EVER understand me, times when they are so.. Arggghhhh.., and times where there are things I’ll NEVER tell my parents about. But I guess there are also times when I really learnt to appreciate me parents love for me.

I must say I’m pretty lucky that I grow up in a relatively ‘complete’ family, and I’m really thankful for the fact. This is a gift never to be taken for granted. I’ve never seen it all, but I’ve seen enough to learn to appreciate what I have.

My dad’s not perfect. There is seriously NOTHING I can talk to him about. Oh well, maybe other that school work I guess. Or when he asks me anything about movies.. Other than that, we can just stare at one another for hours and remain silent. My sis have so much more to talk to him than I do. But nonetheless, I know he loves me. When he sends me (very very super seldomly) to somewhere, he’ll always wait in the car to make sure that I get to my destination safely. Sometimes, I think it’s just so freaking retarded- like I’ll get kidnapped or what. But its an act of love, and deep in my heart, I feel it.

He buys apples for me, and let me eat the fresh ones while he eats the less fresh ones.

And my mom, well, I guess I have a little more things to say to her. Not ALL, but MORE. Haha.

Sometimes, I talk to her so much, she just wants me to shut up. She said to me this morning: Stop talking and yanking away! I cant stand it! But then, I see her smile (or I hope I did).

She says she hates it when I asks her to watch TV with me in the living room, but she’ll always be there- well, most of the time.

She sends me to the bus stop when she can, because she know its a freaking chore to travel 1.5 hours to school in a single trip everyday.

She loves to sleep early, but when my sis and I sneaks to her bedroom to chat at night, she’ll stay up late for us.

And today, she bought a jade pendant for me. Erm, well, yeah, its jade, and jades are for old people. But its kind of cool, i”l bring it where ever I go. It doesn’t look too old fashion though.. The jade costs quite alot, and usually when I want to buy a 20 bucks necklace for fun, she’ll nag the entire day and say how I can dry up her back account. But when she bought me that jade thingy, she did not complain. She says its good to wear jade, it is good for the body…

Well, no family is perfect. There are times I just want to leave the house and go to god knows where, but at the end of the day, the family will always be there for us. I can understand to a certain extend why some kids can’t stand their family, but I guess for now, I’d just say how much I love my family- grandparents, other relatives inc.

So you guys out there, treasure your family while you can. You’ll never know how much more time you’ll have with them.

It’s never too late..

Have a great Christmas, friends!

P.s. Ok, and you, dude, I’m still waiting…

~~All I want for Christmas, is YOU…….. ~~


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