Catch Me When I Fall

Have you ever wondered how good a friend are you? Because, we all need friends. And because, friends need us too. Its kind of a cycle thing, an ongoing process, an eternal commitment.

Maybe I missed it out in my last post, but if there’s something I want to change for the new year (come on, its just 11 Jan, not too late right? Haha.) it’s to be a better friend. I believe I’m not those bad ass friend, who back stab people and, I don’t know, torture people? But being a better friend, cause I’m not a perfect friend. Being there for the friend, supporting, loving, caring, and all the cheesy stuff, as you know. Hmm, maybe being a cheesy friend is the perfect kind of friend? Sincere kind of cheesy, not the sarcastic kind of cheesiness.

It’s not easy being a perfect friend. Perfect to the extent of treasuring your friend like you treasure your life. Perfect to the extent of seeing your time, money, energy, of less importance than your friend. Perfect to the extend to the willingness of giving up everything for him/her. Perfect, even to the extent of loving your friend as much as yourself. It’s not easy, it’s possible, but not easy. Its beautiful, and it’s great.

I want to be such a friend, someone my friends can count on, reply on and trust. It takes time, effort, sincerity, and lots of love. It’s going to be a challenge, and I’ll probably fail from time to time, but it’s a goal. Someone I want to be. Its great to be the prefect friend, not for myself, but for the people around me.

If you ask yourself, how much of a perfect friend can you be, what kind of answer can we expect to hear? I haven’t been the perfect friend, perfect in my terms, so perhaps it’s time to change.

If there are certain people in my life whom I think I can give up almost everything for, I think there are some. Minus the family part, that is, cause they are, by far, the most important people I have. I think there are certain friends whom I love so much, that there are lots of things I’m willing to do for them. Not rob, steal, kill kind of things, but sacrifice. I’m not perfect to them though, but now I want to be.

Life experience have shown me enough to know who are making use of you, and who truly need your help. I’ve seen friends who are so kind, that people eat them up like lions eat the lamps. Bad metaphor, I know, but my brains do not have the amount of energy my body demands now. Anyway. There is a clear line between sincerely helping your friend, and stupidly being made used of, so we got to beware too. But I guess I’m old enough to know the difference, and mature enough not to do that to my friends. ‘Cause, honestly, if there’s something I really hate most, is when people make use of friends. For whatever reasons. Hate it to the core. Its not only selfish, its hypocritical, disgusting, and stupid.

But it’s really beautiful when friends help each other, you know, unconditionally and willingly. It’s a great feeling you get. Or should I say, we get.

So, catch me when I fall. ‘Cause you know that I would. And if I can’t, I’ll fall with you.

(That’s an actual quote from a dear friend of mine, who said this when my msn nick was: Catch Me When I Fall)

Time to sleep. Nights.

P.S. Hey, You know I’ll catch you when you fall, right? Yes, I will- its a promise

P.S.S I like Will Smith’s acting in 7 Pounds. He’s cool.

P.S.S.S. An update on my pet fish, Lub. He knows me, and wants food every time he sees me! And he yawns too, a couple of times tonight, guess it’s time to turn off the lights! (o.O that rhythms!)

P.S.S.S.S I know this multiply P.S thing is really freaking irritating, but I got to say pardon me for the weird English is this post, cause I’m too tired to structure my sentences properly in the head of mine.


6 thoughts on “Catch Me When I Fall

  1. Will Smith is charming! Wahaha!

    If you fall, I dont think I’ll even try catching you. But dont worry, I’ll definitely fall with you. Heh!

    I’m… Just… Kiddin’…

  2. How do you know your fish is yawning? Fishes tend to do that mouth movement thing. Something that Shu Hui always does…

    I’m just kidding. :c)

  3. HAHAHAH yeah the really disgusting mouth movement. thank god my fish is soooo much cuter than.. ahem.. you know who.

    my fish open it’s mouth reallll big, then stretch it wide open, then close it. then it rub it’s eyes, and bubbles came out from its mouth. haha kidding.. the first 3 was real though. lol

  4. HAHHA pam chill chill we understand you dont have to keep explaining yourself in your blog entries!! and by the way, TV is real! when i was reading your blog entry, i read it in your voice! in TV when they read letters, its read in the writer’s voice for the VO! wow! but flashbacks are lame because they see their own face in the flashback =.=

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