Slumdog for the WIN! Congrats!

I’ve seen Slumdog Millionaire a couple of days back, and I must admit it sure deserve the win! Congrats to the cast and crew of Slumdog! I’m glad it’s getting the recognition it deserves, just hoping that the child actors will be able to lead better lives after the making of the film… Maybe it’s time people start to understand the lifes of others less privilege than us. And yes, do something about it. If no one starts, no one will. I admit I’m quilty of this too…

Someone once said in her thank-you speech (damn, I forget who was it) that it is art that binds people of the world together. Kind of true to a certain extent. It travels farther than words can go, and it ties in stronger than a firm handshake. And perhaps it pays more than money can give. Art, of all form, can unite, and even break people up. How magnificent and bold, yet sensitive and quite Art can be… That’s art, and nothing can possibly over take it. Oh- maybe not believing in it can. (By art, I dont mean artsy stuff, experimental stuff, but simple, everyday stuff like any MOVIES, TV, Photography, print media, etc.)

And a friend told me that the censorship board in my country censored Dustin Lance Black’s (winner of the Oscars Original Screenplay Award) thank you speech for the film MILK. And it’s  just ’cause he talks about accepting the gay people of the world, and how god loves them as he loves the ‘normal’ folks. Damn. Seriously, damn- the curse word could have been worse.

Dude, its time to open up. I’m not saying to show homosexual stuff on the TV for kids to see, but would kids, listening to a thank you speech with the mention that being gay is ok, be tempted to be GAY the next moment? NO! Did any of you, after listening to the speech, want to turn gay? I’ve heard the speech, and I’ve no intentions on being gay. None at all! Damn. Its not fair to cut of Dustin Lance Black’s speech because of the nature of the topic. Well then, i guess life isn’t fair. Come on, he didn’t even go on to ENCOURAGE people to be gay, he just thanked people who’ve understood and accepted him, and assured the gay community that they are not alone, that they can still be loved and respected. Don’t everyone deserve to be loved? I believe so.

No one deserves to be condemned for being who they really are. We are all of the same kind, after all.

I have gay friends. Now, who don’t in a society like this? We might not engage in the activities they do, or encourage them to continue being homosexual. But as friends, all we can do, once they’ve really made up their mind, is to accept them for who they are and treat them normal, no? That’s what a friend should be, and not go on avoiding them. We might not hang out with them as much as we did, but these friends will definitely not become outcasted from us, right? We might disagree with their behaviour and choices, but we can’t deny their friendship. That would be too selfish, don’t you think?

I understand these might be sensitive issues, but I’ve no intention of causing any debate or to hurt any people. Just some personal thoughts and I’m just thinking that there has got to be more love, and lives would be easier. yeah? everyone’s special..

P.S. Ah, need I say more?

Have you ever thought,
Just maybe you…….. ? (fill in the blanks yourself..)


Perhaps it’s time to move on…

Our class have this new ‘in’ thing of posting videos on facebook, and Mr Andrew has also posted a video of all of us dancing. It’s pretty cool, I mean how many lecturers do that for their students, and how many classes are enthu enough to dance in front of the SONY EX-1 camera. So well, I guess it’s time to learn how to treasure the time we have and the moments we share. I’d rather treasure them now, then complain in the future how I wish I can turn back time. It’s one way, or another. Oh, time sure is a complex thing to think about. Damn.

Speaking of time, we’ll be finishing 2 years in film school already. How time flies. Most of my friends are going for their IAP, attachments in companies in Singapore, while few of us will be staying in school, waiting for IBP, a school based project. Friends will be leaving, I’ll probably won’t see them regularly for the next 5 months or so. It’s a bad feeling, but I guess I’ll have to get used to it. They will, anyway. After all, it all boils down to Time, isn’t it? What a complex subject matter, as I put it to be.

Oh well, since it’s something I can’t control, I’d have to live with it, accept it, and enjoy it. Sometimes, being a little more optimistic works, though it’s always a harder way out. ‘Cause complaining always seems easier, though not always better. Actually, it’s never good- but it’s easy. So, the choice is yours, really. Make it, and don’t regret it.

So, oh well, the holidays are coming soon. Just a little more to push, and we’re mostly free, to ourselves. Time in out hands, to do whatever we Must do. Must, with a capital M. Cause I believe that whatever that is being done, or will be done, is all round up in the name of fate. Its a must do, ever since we were born, there’s no escaping. And well, maybe that has taught me to let go a little, smile a little, and breath a little. But its kind of complicating, you know. Its sealed, fate. But we have the power to change it. So whats what? Damn, I’m confused too. haha..

Someone once told me that if you wish for something everyday, sincerely, truthfully and with all believing, it’ll come true. I guess I’ve been wishing, but it never came. Its tiring, really. To wait, but never rewarded. Well, I guess its all back to the optimistic view of life again, not complaining, but trusting. And please don’t tell me something’s going to be way better out there. I’ve heard it too much, I’m beginning to lose hope in that phrase. Though secretly, I believe in it. After all, its positive, isn’t it? Ah well. I’ve probably reached a point when I’d say: heck it, man. Haha.

There are 2 songs stuck in my head now. Not that kind of irritating stuck, but something I keep playing, and listening. Teardrop On My Guitar, and Love Story. Teardrop is TOTALLY nice. The other word for nice is probably -true. But heck it, man, seriously. Its getting too tiring to be explained. And love story is an awesome song, but i seriously hate the ending. Happy ending- duh. When I play the song on youtube, I usually stop it by the time it reaches the last stanza. Its a little too happy for me, I think I prefer realism. Come on, tell people about life, like in Teardrop. Not some fantasy happy ending. I mean, its a nice song, something terrific to hear when you are happy. But maybe not for my situation right now. I need people to tell me what I’m facing is life, no longer in Lala Land. No more. It’s time to learn to move on.

Damn, but then again, I still linger on. I can’t move on. Like a snake who’s just digested it’s meal and can’t move, I’ve just digested Fact, and can’t move on just yet. Myabe it takes time, more time than I ever expect, but time is something that will definitely come. So just wait. It’ll come, don’t worry. Yeah, it will. And maybe I’ve got to know the truth, some day. To ease it all. But then again, sometimes the truth is hard to accept. Damn, i’m full of contradiction today. Whats wrong, haha…

But anyway, I was talking to this classmate of mine, and we were talking about what motivates us to move on, taking the path less thread. I was saying that what motivates me is that in time to come, I will one day sit on the rocking chair with my little grandkids on the floor, and I’ll tell them the path I took some 40 years back. I can fill them with stories that amazes them, and not just: oh I went to work here with so and so, and blah blah blah. No, but like- oh, there was this time, I went to… and did… and then… which hurt me but I leanrt…. and I knew… and I found out that.. and I tried to… and was caught, but I… Kind of thing. Makes life more exiting, donesn’t it? Ah, we’ll see. Yes, in a matter of time.

Ah, I caught Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Great show. 2 favourite scenes was when Benjamin explains that is such small incidents didnt happen, something else wouldn’t have happened. It make life seem to have more sense. And the scene in the restaurant was very well edited. 2 characters making their way to the seat, with their VO of their conversation. And the lighting was terrific too! Love the scene at night when Daisy and Benjamin were in some park and she was dancing. Daisy was very much lit in a silhouette, which was so beautiful, and suited it so much. Ah, thats what I call a good film.

And I have a new idol- Rod Stewart. Hope I can catch his concert this Feb, but its a little too late I guess. Ah well.

Alright, nights.

Ps- time will tell if the wait shall dwell.