Grow Up.

I believe what goes around comes around. Ok, fine, go on saying what you want to say. Go on doing what you want to do with your life, I give up. I dont give a damn about you anymore, I dont care. Period.

When someone wronged you, what have we done to help? Ah, so much that I can think of. And I kept thinking of what I can do. When you were misunderstood, you have any idea how many sleepless nights have I been thinking FOR you? And how sad that made me feel? And how much time I’ve spent, worrying? No? Alright.

Now, its time you turn the table, huh? But hey, I guessed you turned it to the wrong person, my friend. I dont think I/we deserve all these. I’m disappointed. I truly am. But hey, I’ve said it, I care no more. I’ve come to a point when I’m totally numb about it. Say whatever pleases you. Go on, say it. No, say THEM. Lot’s to say huh? Without even thinking Twice about what others will feel? Yeah, thats you, you always get what you want in life. Oh well.

I wash my hands off you. You’re gone.

Good bye.

P.S. Sigh. I somehow can’t.


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