When Some Are Friends

Sometimes, the best gifts comes from the people whom you care about most. And sometimes, these gifts will probably stay with you for a long time coming.

So well, it was just another ordionary day, it was humid, as usual, kind of drizzled a little, not suprising in Singapore. But let’s just say, it happened to be my birthday. Oh well. And on this very day, god know why he chose this day out of the next 364 days on this bloody planet, I had received the best birthdat gift ever. First thing first, thanks to my friends for the wonderful gifts and dinner, you girls made my day, I’m serious. But anyways…

The Best gift came in the form of an sms. Wow, how great and sincere a gift. And how very sacarstic. Let’s not get into details here, but people who understand will immediately get what I’m saying. And that was the beginning of the pain that is to come.

So well, this sms. Nothing serious, as I was told. But to me, it meant something. It meant that, as life passes by year by year, (if I didnt mention, I received this UNDERSTANDING sms during a birthday dinner) people are people, and they are made to hurt one another. But some happen to be on the receiving end. I so wonder who is the unlucky dude here.

I learnt that, thanks btw for the sms, in life, after living a good 19 years of it, I sometimes see all the good in people that I ignored the bad, and much to my suprise, I get the punishment of it all. Sentenced for wanting to see the good of the world. Well, I guess that in life, you get more of the throns from the roses than the roses themselves.

So, well, the night of the birth (space) day wasn’t all that fancy and life changing after all. Wait, the latter kind of is true. But anyways. The birth (SPACE) day finally revealed to me what my life is all about. Not a fairytale, neither am I a princess of some sort (With T shirt and jeans, I bet I wasn’t one from the beginning) I was, too, forced with the knowledge that one will never know whats in someone elses’ mind, and one can never know. And the meaniest side of someone, is sometimes revealed to just one person, then forced to accept the truth and keep it secret, the victim has to do. With much pain, that is.

And how ever easy is it to speak, much less type an sms, it is words that hurt the most. Words that developed from the heart, brisk pass the dense brains, and out from the mouth (or fingers, with the technology we have now a days). While words mean so little to some, they determine where the life of someone else heads. How strange words are. But, wow, I marvel at what words can do.

So it was past 12 midnight. Talked to a couple of people I perhaps can regard as friends. Well, at least they dont say terrble things to people who regarded them as friends. At the strike of the clock, I’ve almost lived 19 years of life. Thanks to you, I can now consider the fact that I’ve grown. Alot, actually. I’ve seen who one really is, and how ugly this world can even get. Hah. Wow.

And thanks to you, really, I can consider myself seen the world a little more. After a good 19 years, as I said.

And the very next day, it ain’t smses anymore. The real words. Sincere words that came out from the mouth. Real, bloody words. And thanks to that, cause they re-confrim my analysis of life and the meaning of living in itself. I’ve finally gotten a confirmation, an answer. The dreams I had didn’t happen after all, the dreams I forced myself to dream about. I guess I can also finally doubt the myth that dreams come true and believe the notion that whatever one dream about, will never happen. The latter proved itself to me. And forever will it be this way.

So, words hurt. Words based on nothing but assumptions and emotions. Letting it drive you ain’t a way of getting things right. Thinking throuh perhaps is. I’ve been doing much thinking, yeah, as I said, thanks to you, my lovely friend.

So if life’s a bitch as they say it is, I can count on it.

P.S. Lets go to the whole new world together. We’ll ride on a carpet, and speak just the good words…


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