I Just Want To Feel

Just a short post, before I can finally sleep..

I’ve been having dreams, 3 so far, in fact. Literally. Dreams of what I hoped reality could have been… Ah damn, how stupid. Dreams that, well, will probably not come true anymore. Maybe that’s why they are called dreams. Call me stupid, but oh wells. I probably am.

How did this start in the first place? I never wanted it to happen this way. I guess that’s how the gods like to make fun of me. Well, thanks. Is there any explaining to do? Doubts to be cleared? Dirt to be washed away? Things to be pieced back together? Thoughts to be straightened out? I hope.

I guess I’m in a clamer mood now.. Things are going on slower. I guess its better this way. I can think a little less.. Feel a little more. No, wait. Feeling ain’t the best thing right now. Ah, well.. What is?

I honestly don’t know why is this affecting me so much.. Not so much of what happened, but the outcome of it.. Heavenly bodies up there, do someting! Hmm, on second thoughts, maybe not. I’m pretty much screwed enough. Hah. When fate intervined. So, well, life goes on. Ain’t exactly in the most bubbly mood, and I don’t forsee myself any happier than I am in some time to come..

But as they say, life’s a road we all must tread. Time passes as they have to, so we’ll just make the best of it. At the end of the day, time still has got a job to do…

P.S. Ah damn, I’m tired. Still thinking, poundering, wishing, hoping, feeling.


7 thoughts on “I Just Want To Feel

  1. Should meet up soon, Pam. By the way, i dreamed of school. *Stabs heart* I dreamed of IS Day (Friday), and im attending class, and i missed the morning class (the 8 to 10 one) and theres alot of shit going on. And i keep dreaming of eating Mr Bean’s Tau Huey. In the middle of class. Then i woke up, it was 7.30, i decided i was still tired and went back to sleep. This time i dreamed i was in a house (supposedly mine but not. Strange house with huge toilets.) and this lady came in selling Mr Bean. I bought 2 cups of soya milk from her. They are supposed to be plain but one turned out to be chendol and the other was mocha! And i was enjoying the mocha but i sipped a little and it was all gone! =( I think its a nightmare.

  2. Lol ray ur comment made me smile! so random! ahaha.. u bought soya milk in the toilet!?!?!? no wonder they were of a different form.. haha! :S

  3. NOOOOO PAM! NOT TOILET!!! I explored the house abit and saw the huge toilets. I think the lady was selling me the Bean in the living room, infront of the TV. I can’t remember how she looks like. =/

  4. pam, i know, how about dreaming about me? that will definitely ease your pain hee.

    and you know recently my dreams are so perfect i dont feel like waking up? I dreamt i was in a relationship with K*** HAHAHAHA

  5. Lol what about C*** B** ? dancing with him to the tunes of: Jai Ho? AHAHAHA!!!

    Yeah, dreams are usually better, but we got to wake up too. Lol.. love youuu ❤

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