What Drives You?

Perhaps the moment of the day when we are most honest to ourselves is in the morning, when the new day just welcomed us to it’s existance. Or should I say scorned us with it’s presence. Hah. The entire night of sleep have perhaps made me recall what I hold dear to me, and make me aware that things that I told myself I don’t believe in anymore, is, in fact, something I hold on to so dearly that I spend not just the day but the night thinking, meditating. I wake up, and the very first thing is: Oh, so this is what I treasure, what I depend so much on, contrary to what I told myself and forced myself to believe. It gets tiring, it gets boring, but it gets me knowing what life is. If thats what we define life as.

Without (fill in blank) I’m just breathing, but my heart ain’t beating.

Perhaps NUMB is the best for now.

Distractions are sometimes good. Classes, modules. I’m enjoying them. Its exciting, honestly. Ive got so much to look forward to. It’s perhaps got to do with learning what I enjoy, what I like to learn, and what I believe in. Looking forward to classes, esp Tuesdays’ Cineto. Its amazing how each individuals have their own likings. Seeing my classmates enjoy their electives made me happy too. It’s like we are finally doing what our passion is. Cool shit.

Anyways, I had a great Friday evening with the classmates, and later on Shu Ying Van. A pity Qing couldnt make it, or it’ll be fun! Looking forward to the fun again! HAHA!

Looks like life isnt only focused on a particualr one-thing. Perhaps there is indeed much to look forward too. For now, I think I know what I want. Hmmm… Wish me luck, that that is right.

P.S. Pratical Cinematography by Paul Wheeler is a great book. I’ve learnt so much from it. Next up is more pratice, experiences. Love is there already.

P.S.S I hope I’m guessing right. I hope it’s alright.


4 thoughts on “What Drives You?

  1. wow thanks pam so it’s also fun without me LOL.
    why are your waking up moments so deep. the first thing i think of when i wake up in the morning is whether i have another 5 minutes to sleep. the modulessssssssss argh can’t wait when everything starts crashing on us and we’re out working our asses off for the production modules. so scary and challenging, so thrilling!

  2. Atq: Lol, the ‘without you’ prt was cause we went out after tt. Lol, but u know i Love you ❤ haha! How i wish all i can think about are modules. damn, life aint easy man.

    Shu: -.-


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