I Miss You

I keep checking the dates on the calander. Like as if by checking the time, days will pass quicker, time will fly faster, and moments will move along easier. I wish… But if only that’s the case. There’s so much I look forward to, and so many things I dread. I’m glad certain parts of school is under the ‘looking forward’ ones, cause that’s what is probably keeping me busy for now. Which, I’m thankful for.

Went to Chinatown alone yesterday to take some photos. I guess I’ve got to go there more often to know the place and ’embrace’ in the culture there. There might be pretty much stuff to take, except that I was spending more time finding my way around. Well, guess there is going to be another trip there soon, and maybe to Little India. We’ll see. Then went to Punggol End with my mom to photograph the sunset. It’s my first time there, so the nature I see there is kind of different. There was this escapism feel to it. Things we don’t get to see in beaches around the country.

And this morning, woke up at 5 plus 6am and headed to Punggol End with my mom again (she offered to send me there, so sweet ❤ ).  I was kind of reluctant at first, it being in the DAWN. Haha! But I guess will power can do much more against the physical strength of the body. Sometimes, it’s more in the mind, than in the body. Inner strength sure pose a threat to the outer body.. But anyways, we managed to catch the sunrise.

Oh gosh, it was splendid. I saw the sun rising like a york emerging from the horizon. It was a new day, a new beginning, and I’m glad I witnessed it. It felt so real, like life is presented right infront of me- days are not merely passing memories, but truths. Stories to be told, experiences to be shared. Life can be beautiful. As the sun is. Light is probably everything in this world- at least in the sense when a photograph has to be taken…

I was engrossed in taking photos that everything else in my mind seemed to go away for awhile. It was a good feeling- one beer can’t replace. Kidding. But it seemed like all my energy was focused on the viewfinder of my camera and the surroundings. Troubles, fustrations, problems seemed to be hibernating for a while. I never thought of it at all- ok once. But it was good to let go for a while, to focus on something I enjoy and believe in. Let my mind free from these issues and enjoy the moment as it is presented. Ah, that was good. Life should be like that, huh. Hmm…

Anyway, here’s a new band I like. Moldy Peaches. And here is a song that is superly great! Such a sweet and real song 🙂 Enjoy:

Nothing Came Out

Just because I don’t say anything,
Doesn’t mean I don’t like you.
I open my mouth and I try and i try
But no words came out.

Without 40 oz. of social skills
I’m just an ass in the crack of humanity.
I’m just a huge manitee.
A huge manitee.

And besides you’re probably holding hands
With some skinny, pretty girl that likes to
Talk about bands and
All I wana do is ride bikes with you
And stay up late and watch cartoons.

Duck Tales, shirt tails, Talespin, Sailor Moon, GI Joe, Robotech, Ron Jeremy, Schmoo.

I wanna watch cartons with you.
Josie and the Pussycats and Scooby Do,
I want you to watch cartoons with me.
He-man, Voltron and Hong-Kong-Fui

I tried to ask you to your face
But no words came out.
I put on my hood and walked away,
That doosn’t mean I don’t like you.

And besides your probably holding hands
With some skinny, pretty girl that likes to
Talk about bands and
All I wanna do is ride bikes with you,
And stay up late and maybe spoon.

Just becase I dont say anything
Doesn’t mean I dont like you.
I opened my mouth and i tried and i tried.

And besides you’re probably holding hands
With some skiny, pretty girl that likes to
Talk about bands and
All I wanna do is ride bikes with you.
And stay up late and watch cartoons.

I’m just your average Thundercats ho.


Songs, movies, poems, photographs sometimes tell true feeling than anything else in the world. I can see a photo and be reminded of millions of things, and emotions build up. I can listen to songs and feel that my entire life (as it is) is written in the song and explained in the lyrics. I can watch a movie and feel like I’ve lived in the character’s shoes, and sometimes feel so trapped in it that I don’t want to get out. I can read poems and understand how simple formation of words can give meaning so deep and true. Wisdom in the form of arts. Art in the form of wisdom.

P.S. I miss you, baby.


3 thoughts on “I Miss You

  1. ^ oi alcoholic don’t kill punggol’s beauty with your presence.

    your mom’s nice lol. punggol’s on the other side of the world for me; hard to visit. the only times i woke up to catch the sunrise were in school…………………………

  2. Lol atq, shu will only spoil the romantic mood there. haha! punggol nt too far frm my place la.. U so hardworking eh, wake up so early for school. aha 🙂

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