Time’s Relative.

Well, they say time is measured by how long we desire it to be. I guess it’s true. What may seem like eternity might be only a few seconds long, and what seem to have passed in the blink of an eye might have been happening since the beginning of civilisation.

Oh well, I hope the saying is as true as I believe it to be, and hopefully, I can finally turn to a new chapter in the life I have. Not necessarily good, but for the better. Be it new troubles, at least I’m off the old ones. Get the load off my back, finally, and, well, begin something new. But, like I said, not necessary for the better. Haha.  I guess I’m near. Thanks to time. Yeah!

Anyway, we were watching few short films in class today. One of them was “Ah Ma”, a film I’ve always wanted to watch. Woohoo! It was made by most of my school’s alumni, something I take great pride in. I’m so proud of them, and I hope they are doing such stuff they love right this moment 🙂

Then, suddenly it strike me how much I actually liked my course. It’s funny to say it, since its more acceptable for students to hate school than to like it. But somehow, after the sweat and blood (literally), the hard work day and night, all the tough-it-out production modules we’ve had together, I’ve fallen in love in the course. Seriously. We can complain all we want, complain about the workload that was meant to kill, complain that how ‘no life’ we have becomed ever since we’ve entered the course. But looking back the 2 years, I actually enjoyed everthing we went through. It was, without a doubt, tiring, but it was fun, exciting, rewarding, and filled with unmeasurable experience! (ok, it’s real bad I sound like some stupid advertisement here, but it’s true for me) It’s just this really happy, excited feeling to get to learn what I really like. I cant wait to be doing more of these.. Somehow, studying have becomed fun. haha! And I cant wait to be doing more of these in my life in the future, should I have the chance to do so. Perhaps, life aint that dull as it seem it was.

Anyway, this peson from school told us not too long ago that at some point of time in our lives, we’ve all got to make a decision on what is it that we consider important in our life. What do we consider as the goal of our existence. There are countless things we believe are important to us now. So so many. But we’ve got to realise, one day, that there is this one thing that we treasure most. And it is this one thing that will lead us through the corssroads we’d face and decisions that we’d make. What is mine? I dont kow yet. I’ve been thinking, now and then, but maybe I’m not yet in that situation where I consider hard enough to give myself  the answer. That day will come, I dont know when. But at least now I’m prepared for that day. Till the day comes, I’d continue to obeserve my life, and understand myself a little more. There’s perhaps so much about me that I dont know, so much I’ve yet to explore. But thanks for the advice, I’m can safely say I’m more prepared for times to come.

Life moves on. We shouldn’t too easily allow things around  us affect our living. We’ve got to grow, learn, improve ourself, and as I said, move on. Its a continuous process. Know what we want (it having to be correct, erm, morally or so to speak), and go for it. But dont hurt anyone along the way, I believe. We’ve all got lives to lead, you and me.

Oh, I’ve finally gotten Y tu mama tambien. Been looking for it for ages. Done by my all time favourite Emmanuel Lubezki, so I’m so excited to watch it finally. Bet it’s going to be darn good. Whoopee~

Anyway, this person also told us that if someone tells us (females) that woman cant be a Director of Photography, tell them: Who’s your mama? Haha my friends and I thought it was pretty funny. Without females, males wont exist. I guess it’s a vice versa thing, though. Yeah, we females do face physical challenges as compared to males, but that doesnt mean we are any way stupid-er. I understand our constrains, and how the world view us, but a change has to happen. Not that it is all hope and no hard work, though. Accept ciritsm and learn, impove and experience. At least there’s a ‘try’, and a hope. And probably, a future.

Alright, it’s labor day, but I’ve got an assignment to complete, before I’m in some deep shit. Haha 🙂 I’ll try to make it fun!

P.S. I.. eh, oh well. ❤


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