Digging A Hole

You start digging. Sometimes in life, you get this burden in your heart that you try to dig a hole deep enough to hide it. To bury it and keep it secret and abandoned forever. To forget it, and move on, as they always ask you to- move on, man. So, you start to dig. And while you are digging, deeper and deeper each moment, you see something else that makes you feel like life isnt just that dull after all. You get distracted, stop digging for a while, and look. And then, that new something becomes so prominent in your life that the old burden doesnt seem to matter anymore. This new something now becomes the centre of your life that you’re excited to do stuff. Not that this new something doesn’t come with burdens. You know the trouble you’ll face, the shit you’ll be in- it is a package deal you’d get with this new something. But you cant run away from it, it’s glued to you.

So then, you dig again. But with a new motivation behind each spade of soil you remove. Now, you want to keep this precious new thing so close and remembered sweetly that you dig. Dig and dig, to make it treasure. And now, you dig with a smile. But good things ain’t forever. You dig so deep in that you find yourself digging your way to a bottomless pit. You find yourself making a hole that will probably never end- and you are now at the bottom on the hole. You cant get out. There’s no way you could. You regret, but at some corner of your heart, you still want to dig in deep so that you can still store that new something close to the heart. Its a delima. You dont know what to do now. No one can help- not a single sole. You’re basically: screwed.

Its a trouble you found for yourself. A trouble that put an end to the old burden, but a new trouble nonetheless. Its a pretty fun trouble, sweet and nice. But, a trouble nonetheless. And this new trouble has got to end, somehow.

No more digging, please, I beg of myself…

P.S. I’m thinking I might like to go to Hong Kong to further my studies. Might. (ok, this was pretty random)

P.S.S. You taught me much, trouble. 😉


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