Wise People Say..

During the journey of life, you meet wise ones here and there. Some impart knowledge, some explain senses, and some change lives. I’m just glad to say that in my life, I do come across such people. One may appear easy going at first glance, but one’s deep thoughts reveal when he/she is at his/her most comfort.

A friend introduced me this quote from a movie: It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

How true. What we don’t know, is eventually what we fear. The unknown is what frightens us most, and what makes us toss and turn in bed. They make us loose sleep, shape the dreams we have, and cause us to linger on in life. When it’s time, it’s time to leave things behind, and dare to move on. No point lingering, no point hoping for the unattainable. Seek the unknown ahead of us, and walk towards it. You never know, you might just meet the end of the tunnel eventually, something far greater than expectations. Move on…

Nuff of this. I heard this ‘quote’ or rather explaination, which I think makes much sense to me. Not just in terms of interest, but in some way or another, the way I live my life… Here goes…

Why do some fear shooting on film, a medium that has been capturing the beauty of the world for century? And opt for digital instead? Now, many shoot on HD, HDV, SD, that they are strangers of film. Some even enemies of them. But what was our history? It began with film as a medium of storytelling in the case of moving pictures. Anyways… More and more shoot HD, we shoot less of film, thus our ‘fear’ in film. But thats because of fear. Fear of what’s unfarmilar. Fear of what stretch us out of our comfort zone.

Film has many advantages. Someone once explain it in this way: Shooting HD is like baking a cake. You put in the ingredients, mix them up to what you like, and put it into the oven. In the heating devise, there’s no way to adjust what you’ve just baked. No way to improve on it. Digital is like baking. Everything is in a coded format that nothing much can be done to what you’ve ‘achieved’.

Now, you can cook, say, a meal. In a cooking pot. You’ve added the ingredients and stir fry it. Then, you want more salt. You add it. You need more sugar, you add it. Your dish remains the same. You’ve just made it better, while staying faithful to what you’ve intended to cook. It’s like shooting on film. It’s on a magical, material medium. There’s much to improve on, things that can be made more beautiful. You dont manipulate your images, you improve them. Begin with something good, and end with something better. That’s film.

But nonetheless, what remians is the story, for without it, even the best technology is bulls. Things kept close to the heart and is sincere and honest breaks all bounds of technology. For it’s real.

Sometimes, ask yourself, who am I? We all need an answer, someday or another. That day will eventually come.

P.S. In the heart, there’s still the space for you.


4 thoughts on “Wise People Say..

  1. aww pam. after reading your post, i think that if someone asked me if i’d rather shoot on HD or on film, i would say film. i stood by HD just because it’s less troublesome compared to film. but i think film can make everything beautiful! there’s a reason why our course is called Film, Sound & Video and not Video, Sound & Video xD

    aww pam i miss you so much!!!!!!! ❤

    • Never read carefully eh! I said someone said it to us in class… Hahaha! Inspired eh? take cineto and be inspired! hahaharrrrr ❤

      Qing, i miss u so much too! where hv u been these days 😦

  2. awww pam! it’s always either wrong timing, or i have shoot. like for the next 2-3 weeks i might not be able to meet you girls cause i have an ongoing studio shoot >.< post-production is going to be crazy omg! i miss you all alot! … except for shuhui.

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