Items checked out: 8 Sand Bags, 2 Eye Bags ;)

I’m finally back posting somethng decent on my blog.. The past 3 weeks has been bloody rush, with 3 weekends of shoot in a row… This is probably the first time we are experiencing this in the 2 years of FSV life… Its really tiring, escaping reality with an average of 4-5 hours of sleep each day, but it’s damn challenging and fun at the same time. I’ve perhaps slept at every corner of school: the nle room, the cage, the peview theater, by the road outside Ourspace, etc.. hah! But I’m probably enjoying every moment of it. Trust me, fulfilling the expectations of yourself and people around you, and the thought of being able to survive this period of time with your dear classmates is truly amazing. I guess we get to know each other better, and more importantly know ourselves better.. Such experiences come with time and effort. And of course the sacrifice of sleep 😉 But its great!

I kind of have a different perception of life as I grow… In the past, I used to believe strongly in fate and destiny. Everything is done in the hands of god, nothing is decided and can be decided by the human mind. But I see things differently now, I guess. There is a certain limit fate/destiny can go. It can make 2 person meet, make them brush pass each other, make them know each other, and make them love each other. But it can’t decide if the people can make their relationship work for the better. It cant promise them a better tomorrow. It cant promise them eternity.  It takes hard work; it takes effort and believe that the relationship IS going to work, and it takes trust to make it work. We cant just sit back and say: oh, we’ll leave it to fate. ‘Cause fate can only bring you this far. The rest, really, is up to you. You’ve got to make it work, cause ‘nothing’ else probably will.

Well, fate has got a part to play, though. It takes the first step for you, and then surrender, and leave the rest to you. What you make of it is in your hands, so dont blame fate if anything goes wrong.. Fate can only bring you thus far and the rest of the journey is to be walked by you, and you alone (of course not with the support from those who care).

You never know whats going to happen in the future. As certain as you can get, things do change. So, make a decision, and make that change. Stop stonning and leaving it to fate, it can only get you thus far..

Anyways, I’m going to have a serious talk with my parents soon. I really want to learn how to ride the bike. The motorbike. I know they are concern and wont let me to, but some reach a time in their lives when they are old enough to make the decisions for themselves. I’m still their child, I love them alot, but I know I really want to learn it. Something that I’ve learnt for the past 2 years is that if you are confident that you can do it, then go do it. If your are not- stop. If you never try, you will never know. So, Im going to try. Even if it’s going to take me all day…

PS. Im writing messy-ily. Pardon me… 😉

PSS. You is subjective.


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