When dawn appeared at dusk

Its me again.

I can feel the cool breeze in my room. It’s a time when everyone’s asleep- your family members, your dear friends, your pets… And its the time when you feel like you’re the only one left on earth… To each his own, this can welcome a feeling of serenity, or it can evoke an emotion of fear… Well, to each his own..

Sometimes, miracles come in the form of time. Things happen just when you need it to. And then, you go on to realise it ain’t that special after all. And then you’re back to the lonely road again, hoping for something to pop out from somewhere. Then maybe you’ll smile a little more..

My feelings these months can be summarised in the experience of the nail.

First, it was a feeling of sudden shock. I don’t know what went wrong. I don’t know why.

Then, it was the feeling of fear. Fear of what’s going to happen. Fear of the future.

Next, it was the pain I felt. The understanding of what had occurred, and the pain of it. The sorrow, and the regret.

Now, it is the feeling of the longing for things to be over, soon. It’s no longer pain, there’s no more shock. It’s just the understanding that what has happened, happened. And the want for time to pass on, quickly, so the wounds will heal. So the days of fear will fade, and perhaps, just perhaps, some smile will surface. Real smile, that is…

Ah crap, enough of this shit. Anyways, I had this new revolution of film and digital. And I’m pretty proud of my final resolution regarding my view on the medium of image capturing. Will post them here soon. Test is tomorrow. Good night. Or rather, morning.

P.S. You is relative



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