When you are not what you think you are…

Sometimes, I think it’s finally over. I thought I was brave enough.

But other times, I realised that it isnt really done yet. I realised I was dumb.

Now, I’m scared, because I don’t exactly know what I’m thinking.

I failed to be what I thought I was.

The worst was over. Perhaps? But I know what lies ahead is going to be far more painful than what I thought it would be.

Because what lies beneath the mask is the feeling that comes from within. Real fear reveals when the mask is removed.

It’s painful, and I’m scared. I dont know whats before me…

They say that in life, whats yours, is yours. But I can’t even look ahead, how am I know know what’s mine before me?

The dawn’s breaking in a couple of hours, I guess it’s time to put on the mask again.

I’m truly scared.

Will you please be there for me?

But, you, is relative.

I’m still scared 😥

P.S. You’ll catch me when I fall? Then again, you, is relative.



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