Disney’s songs are Sad…

I used to Love Disney songs, ’cause they sound like ‘happily ever after, forever’ kind of feel. But once I really made the point to listen to the lyrics carefully, and I came to understand that their songs are not all about princess, princes, little maidens in forests etc, but some of the songs do have lyrics that speak a lot of the human soul and mind. They explain certain feelings we have but don’t know how to express, they reflect certain pains we see in society that many don’t seem to realise, they point out certain aspects of life we fail to reflect upon.

One of my favourite is Hakuna Matata, go check that song out. The song seems so catchy, fun and funny even, but if you do listen carefully to the lyrics, you can definitely spot certain elements in the song that reflect alot about society. Like how a ‘name’ by itself is meaningless, and how kids are not ‘supposed’ to be exposed to things like the word “retarded”. Its worth the time, really.

Here is Shooting Star, from the film Hercules. Read the lyrics, they mean so much to me. You may think that there are so many people around you, but sometimes, really, you are all alone. I dont know if this is an aspect of life, I dont know if everyone goes through it, but it is definitely something I can really feel. And it’s something my heart breaks for.

Everyone has already found somebody.

I think god likes to play around with my life.


No one seems to think too much of me here
And they’re glad to tell it to my face
And they’re right I’m not supposed to be here
I’m completely out of place
Somehow there has got to be a reason
Evenings as I try to think it through
There’s a bolt from the blue

And I see a Shooting Star
Set apart from all the rest
While the other stars are standing still
He’s on a quest
Every night this shooting star
Darts across the twilight sky
Cause he knows he doesn’t quite fit in
And he’s longing to know why

I feel so much better when it’s night-time
That’s when I can sort of disappear
When the sun has set in it’s the right time
For pretending I’m not here
Sometimes I just stare up to the heavens
Wondering if the answer is inside
That’s when I see the light

Of myself that shooting star
On his way to who knows where
He’s the one like all the stars
He outshines up there
And the solitary star
Is an awful lot like me
On an endless search through time and space
For a place that won’t seem wrong

If we both hang on for long enough
If we both somehow are strong enough
We’ll find out where we belong

Ev’ry night this shooting star
Darts across the twilight sky
Cause he knows he doesn’t quite fit in
And he’s longing to know why

You don’t want to die, but sometimes, you just want to disappear for a while.

P.S. You is relative


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