I’d say “I love you.”

Sometimes in life, we are made to endure so many forms of regret. Regret that we did not make full use of a situation, regret that we we did not do what we should have done, and regret that we did not treasure what we’ve had.

My friend asked me what would I have said to my great grandmother should she have still alive.. Counting on the regrets I’ve faced, and the want for her only after her death, I’d say: I love you. I dont recall ever saying that to her. In fact, I dont recall ever saying these to my grandparent, my parents, my sister, my cousin, my friends and people in my life. Perhaps saying “I hate you” is much easier than saying “I love you”, though what we really meant was “I love you”. Yes, action speaks louder than words. Much louder. But sometimes, words do make a difference too ❤

Not wanting to live with the regret of missing the moments I could have spent with my family members, when my grand aunty came over to my grandparents house today, I went over to say hi. I was darn tired. Sleeping in the bus till I drool. But that’s beside the point. I was so tempted to just go home, bathe and do my assignments. But I don’t want to feel the same way towards my grandauntie and granduncle the same way I did to my great grandmother. Though we are not that close, I haven’t seen her for ages, and after all, we’re family. Blood joins us together. She’s aged a lot though. But I guess that’s a process we’ve all got to accept. That’s life, as it is.

Anyways, I’m still thinking how strange life is. So much to be explored, so much to be explained. I’ll continue searching.

P.S. You is relative.


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