And so they say…

王家衛- I love the way he portrays his themes in his films. Especially the theme of time.. Its such a basic subject matter we face with everyday and during the course of life, but sometimes don’t know how to express it. 王家衛 was able to place these themes under a microscope for us to feel, think and understand better.. There are something to take away from his themes, as well as better understand the situation HK-ners feel. I’m rushing on a thesis essay now, perhaps when I have the time I’d love to explain his themes here 😛

Anyways, people say life is a marathon. Likened to it, 6 months of this semester is marathon too, then. We’ve sprinted when we needed to, took a break when the body calls for it, and now I think it’s time to sprint the last lap. Just a little more and we’ll make it. A little more push. We’re tired, but we’ll nonetheless try. Its a race worth running for.

Alright, back to work. I just happened to miss my blog, so I’m here to write a little something. So much on my mind, I’ll pen them down when I have a little more time.

P.S You is relative.. still.


Here is a nice photo of Wong’s film In the Mood for Love I saw on the net.. enjoy:



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