I wanted an angsty title, but nevermind…

You know how some people say words hurt. Oh god, they do. And for the love of god, please do remember this- words can break a heart. You know it, you’ve mention this before, but you still had to do it.

And being wronged is another thing altogether. Although they are inter connected in some way or another. My heart broke, but I’ve mended it back already. The cuts are still there, you know. Will you fix them for me? Probably not. There are so much more stuff in your mind…

I’m not angry with you, neither am I disappointed. I’m just sad; heartbroken. Sad that that’s what I’m like in your eyes. Not that it doesn’t pain me enough to… Ah nevermind. Not saying here, at least. But you’ll never, ever understand.

Maybe, in the context of Wong Kar Wai’s theme of time, I’ve made a wrong decision is the past. I’ll live with it, I’ll move on from it. It’s hard to express what’s deep in the heart. Maybe it’s meant to stay in there forever?

No, I dont think so. I’ll share it with the person who matters most in future, I guess. But not now, not now.

How long does it take for sorrow to fade away?

P.S. You is relative.


2 thoughts on “I wanted an angsty title, but nevermind…

  1. liar. told me nothing was wrong. i want you to make everything clear to me tmr or I’ll severe all ties. allllll tiessss. you hear me.

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