Hair in gate, hair in gate, HAIR IN GATE!!!!!!!!

We went for telecine last night, and our footage had this ugly, inverted triangle smacked in the middle top of the frame. DAMN. Hair in gate. Then I recalled checking the lens and gate while shooting, and everything SEEMED fine, so I thought it wasnt really a problem on my part.

Then today, news came that the hair in gate was there! I could have seen it, even with the naked eye. DAMN. I didnt check after every important shot, and I only checked it after loading the film and putting on the magazine into the body of the camera. So, I might have CARELESSLY missed it 😥   Oh holy cow, my footage is RUINED!!! I mean, it’s going to look ‘damaged’ and unprofessional. Argh!!!!! I should have checked it PROPERLY! Lesson learnt, I am going to check my gate and lens and the entire camera THOROUGHLY AND CAREFULLY before I shoot, and after every IMPORTANT take. Seriously, this is a lesson learnt, the hard and painful way.

It’s like a slap on the face.

Ok great, so lesson learnt. Not just learnt, but to be CORRECTED. For every single shoot from now onwards, I’m going to do what I have to do. No room for ‘laziness’ or carelessness. 😦

How I feel right now 😥



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