How Long Will You Wait?

I knew I wanted to join a media course in Singapore ever since I was in secondary 3. 2 years later, I joint fsv, a film course. Now, I’m in the first semester of my third (and last) year. That is a solid 2   1/2 years in film school, and almost 4   1/2 years since I knew I wanted to give a go at a media ‘career’. And in a couple of WEEKS time, my group and I will be going full-force on our final year project, which is to make a short film.

We chatting about this over supper today, and someone mentioned that literally speaking, we have spent 4  1/2 years of our life waiting for this time. This time to make a film. What is the film we want to make? There could be many different answers to this, but there could only be 1 personal, sincere, and honest answer.

To me, I’ve always wanted to make a film that expresses what I feel in me, that sometimes, even words cant express. It can be about anything- love, family, school, life… At least it is something I can understand, something I feel that I’ve ‘been there, done that’. And may this story be something people from different parts of the world can understand. Something they can learn from.

I’ve waited 4  1/3 years for this once chance. I’m not going to screw it up. Whatever it takes (as much as limits allows), I’m going to give in all I can. And I believe that if the group does so too, we’re going to make something great out of lengths of celluloid. A story so humane, that humans will love. (And of course on my part, the look of the film is second priority.)

Off topic, I can wait 4  1/2 years for the chance to make a film. But how long can I wait for other things in life? How long am I willing to wait for something I’ve dreamt so much for, until the day I give up? Or will I not give up? Or will I not even bother to wait?

Some people spent their entire life waiting for something they’ll never have. Perhaps sometimes, fate likes to make a fun out of us. Perhaps sometimes, the timing just isnt just right. The idea of missed moments. You miss it, and you’ll probably spent your entire life waiting for something you’ll never get. Its like a farmer planting crops. He plants a seed in the soil, but as it is falling onto the fertile ground, a bird sweeps by and picks it up. The farmer did not see it, and so he waits. He waits for the crop to grow, to mature. He waits and he waits. But truth is, nothing will happen. It is gone.

Isnt it just like life? We can wait for something we love forever, but at some point or another, we might just realise that it is gone. You get the feeling of regret? Too bad, maybe. Life just has to go on.

Oh wells, life goes on. Decisions must still be made.

4.5 years…. 4.5 years.



My Very dear group I’ll be spending my next 6 months with… ❤


People you rely on when SHIT comes your way…



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