One Day

It just happened randomly. I was chatting with a friend on Facebook, and I was just telling her something I felt true for so long and took it as a fact, when I suddenly felt my heart ache. I don’t know why. It’s not that I’m sad or anything, but it ached. It seemed like fact to me, and it’s probably true. But maybe its the moment of ‘truth’ or so to speak, that made me realise what reality is. Maybe it’s the knowledge of reality that made the heart ache. Ah well.

I’ve just got a hamster recently. Named it Chivo. And it came to mind that is it true that only animals and kids know how to truly love unconditionally? God does, that I know. My hamster doesnt care about how I look. He doesnt care about my age, my gender, my personality… I’m glad I didnt choose my hamster solely based on his look (he was the only one what climbed to my palm so I thought maybe he loves me. Haha!) so I feel less guilty.. Haha. But I did chose him based on his breed, which proves my point that we humans (or at least myself) aint able to fully love unconditionally (?). But it warms my heart to know that at least some(thing) at home yearns for me and wants to play with me. I mean, I do meet my friends, almost everyday. But is the enthusiasm to meet the same? Friends like you based on your personality. They like you based on your smile? Your jokes? Your looks? Your characteristic? Your wisdom? Your money…. ?

I believe all humans are nice to begin with. But there are definitely hidden truths in us that are so ugly, that kids and animals can do way better. You might not agree with me on this one, but its what I’ve observed these days. Hopefully, really hopefully, my views will change some how. But seriously, have you found someone that loves you really unconditionally? I truly hope you have, really 🙂

And kids. I was doing a photo shoots with 2 kids recently, and they really made my day. It was damn tiring repeating things to them and running after them all over the house, but when we were walking to a park, they came and held my friend and my hands. A girl asked us: “Will you be my friend?” and I said: “Yes, of course.” Sincerely.

They have know us for, say, 2 hours? And they want to be friends. Real friends. Not that we treated them like princesses, or had all the money in the world. Or that they knew us long enough to know us personally. But they simply wanted to be friends. And that touched my heart.

I really hope its not true, what I said. I believe that humans know and can love unconditionally. Perhaps I havent had the opportunity to see such love. Or experience it first hand. But deep inside, I hope it do exist.

My hamster

My hamster

He may look like a rat, but he's very much a hamster. Haha :)

He may look like a rat, but he's very much a hamster. Haha 🙂

Just woke up, yawning. Accidently flash :S

Just woke up, yawning. Accidently flash :S

P.S You is relative.


4 thoughts on “One Day

  1. Omg PAM THAT’S A RODENT. hehehe
    Pam, beauty is subjective like i said and if a person is beautiful inside, it will always shine through.


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