What a semester


Location Scouting


My best friends and I - Camera and light meter. And Qing of course ❤


Flag made by Rein and Mud


A dog came to visit...


Crew. Setting up the jib.


Arri SR II


We went through shit together. And loads of fun!

My Dear Team

My Dear Team

Reins place

Reins place

Nice Hat...

Nice Hat...

Fun times. We all squeeze at the back of a van.

Fun times. We all squeeze at the back of a van.

Bedroom at the Loft

Bedroom at the Loft

Sunburn. Ouch! :)

Sunburn. Ouch! 🙂

Phew! We just had our results back for last semester.. I’m glad everyone passed. Finally something off our backs, and we can start looking forward to next semester.. And I’m glad my efforts did not go to waste.. Haha!

My dear IBP group spent the past few days staying in the school’s loft (Mon to Wed) [See above pictures!] cause we were having the final year project test shoot. It was pretty cool, staying with friends for 3 days whole, concentrating on nothing but the shoot. Thank you so much, Qing, Fat, Dhuha, Jack Ass, Eugene aka Gil, Simon, Marj, Yi Chee (hope I didn’t miss anyone out) for helping us. It couldn’t be done without you guys, really. And thanks to my group mates who have worked the shit out of us for the shoot, and our advisor. It was fun..

First day was at Rein’s place. Thanks to her mom for letting us use the place.. It was squeezy (cause alot of people turned up that day) but it was fun. We spent day 2 at a warehouse near school (thanks to the kind uncle who allowed us to use the place). And third day was at Dairy Farm Road, some open space between 2 forest. We were burnt! But we stick together, and that’s probably what matters most. And the most FUN part was that we had to carry equipment, piece by piece, down a rather steep slope, uneven land and over a dead tree to get to the location. It was, say, 300m far? Hey, it is FAR when we talk about KGs worth of stuff. Some are delicate stuff, like the camera and lens, and all. But its experiences like this that we’ll never forget. Haha! Well, we did meet with problems alone the way, but I believe we’ll change. I’m trying to…

Cant wait to see the footage during Digital Intermediate. Our sweat and blood are literally compressed in the film itself. Haha!

Today I finally had a break. Went to Sentosa with Huiwen, Renee and Coconut (Sheena). Some ‘real’ fun, inverted comma because the shoot days were fun too. But more of the pressured kind of fun. Today was pure fun, if you get what I mean. And tomorrow I’m meeting Quek for shopping. Like I have the money, but anyways. Then hopefully badminton with Huiwen and Renee, and mother’s birthday dinner!! Haha! Well deserved break, friends.

Was talking to a friend the other day. Maybe I shan’t mention the name here… It made me feel like finally, I’m not the only one in this world. Not a good thing that someone else is ‘suffering’, but it just feels good that I’m not alone. We were saying about how everyone’s life (as seen from FB status) seems so exciting and fun, and we’re just- blah. And how there are millions of people in the world, plus living in a terribly over crowded Singapore, we can sometimes feel like we’re alone. Not that we have no friends. Its just that, sometimes, you get this feeling. And people mistake it of being emo. Damn you. Haha!

Even temporary being able to forget stuff are as good as gold. We know we’ll face the truth again, but sometimes, just sometimes, its good. Pretty darn good. 🙂 But damn, reality is harsh facts. Either I’m not ready for the world, or the world is not ready for me. Ouch, it gets pain sometimes. But as my friend and I said, we are sometimes alone, though we don’t seem to be. Now I further understand Wong Kar-Wai’s themes of Urban Isolation. How true, and how real.

And see, sometimes, escaping into movies is a way to rid this truth of life. I knew that if there’s something in this world that wont lie to you, is fantasy herself. Wow, I should be a philosopher. Impressive huh. Lol!

And sometimes when I see the photos, I cant help but curse the curse that was laid upon me since birth. Sighs. But whatever.

Oh, I was looking through the lists of film school available. Dont know where to go after Poly. Another cross road in life where decisions just have to be made. I don’t know if Im ready to live myself overseas. I don’t know if I want to stay here and study film (since there ain’t many good film schools here). I don’t know if its better to go work first before studying. Seems like lots of options, but truth is, there is not much. Its an either or. Or never, impossible. Hah. How great. Oh well, I do hope I can find a uni of my choice and that accepts me.

Alright, school term starts next week. I do hope for an exciting semester ahead.

P.S. You, again, is relative.


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