Its the people in the house that makes it beautiful

I’ve been giving it much thought. If I can’t be a DP in the future, I’ll probably go be a farmer. My Facebook Farmville isn’t doing too bad, seems like a good job for me:

Animals on my Farmville

Animals on my Farmville

Or damn, I’ll go be a philosopher. Told Shu today when she saw a beautiful house at Kismis area: You know what makes a house beautiful? The people inside. Hah.

A girl can be a farmer; a girl can be a philosopher. But damn, it’s hard that a girl can go be a DP. Screw the chauvinist world. Pigs. Someone encourage me please 😦

Anyways, I specially wrote this blog because I saw something really bold and inspiring in the latest Cinematographer Magazine. This cinematographer by the name of John Lynch said in the article: Embracing Inner Anger “The camera was set to 500 ASA, and my meter was coming up E, which means there’s nothing there. But I was still very comfortable- I’m not afraid of the dark.”

Wow. I read this over and over again, and thought of this everywhere I went. This is inspiring. There was so much trust and faith in what he was doing that he was confident enough to shoot something that the light meter ‘warned against’. And I thought to myself if I was able to even say something like that. It takes lots of trust in yourself and bravery, even. Wow. Respect, sir.

Faith, as they call it.

Alright, off to bed. I’m going to read a chapter of “Cinematography Theory and Practice” by Blain Brown everyday from now on. Haha! This is exciting.

“I’m not afraid of the dark.”

Anws, Shu and Ying, I just want to say that whatever you do, I’ll support you girls. If you are scared, all I want to say is- there is nothing to be afraid of, really. I mean, how much can you screw up? We all learn from the stuff we f-up in life. If Lynch can shoot in ‘the so-called dark’ there is absolutely no problem in you girls learning cineto. Don’t be scared cause you don’t know, face it with excitement πŸ™‚ I’m excited for you girls, so much to learn and explore. But then again, if you don’t want the module for other reasons, then you know you girls have all my support. Dont follow your fear, follow your heart ❀ I’m right behind you! Damn, this is cheesy. Alright, I’ll sum it up in the Joshua Simon style: You go, girl! Haha! And enjoy Genting, you b***h! Haha! πŸ™‚

P.S. You is relative. As everything probably is.



2 thoughts on “Its the people in the house that makes it beautiful

  1. AWWW pam that definitely made me smile! You’re like always so encouraging please. Alright i will just try my very best to be a good dop and learn things with an open heart. But i will definitely bug you E.V.E.R.Y SINGLE MINUTE HAHAHAH. Aiya dont worry la in genting we will get you u chewing gum, tau sa piah, ba gua, food, air everything LOL

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