In School

I’ve been blogging much too much these days… Don’t know why. Re-read Anne Frank few days back, and she said her diary was her ‘only’ friend. Don’t know how much I can agree with that, but something she said was pretty interesting: Paper has more patience than people. Well, that can sometimes be true to certain extent… But I’ve met wonderful people who are willing to listen. And I kind of figured out something. When a friend is sad, it’s sometimes better to just listen than give countless advice from your POV. Sometimes, all people need is to know that someone is there for them. Sometimes when a friend is sad, all I’d like to do is hold her hand 🙂

Oh Duck, if you ever see this, study hard ok! Don’t waste a year of your time.. You have me behind you!! ❤

Anws I’m in school now. Adrian and Kelvin has gone to print stuff for ibp.. So its now Rein and I.. 🙂 Just killing some time after a pretty tiring morning practicing my camera moves..

They say practice makes perfect. I chose to believe it’s true. Sometimes it gets tiring, and you don’t see results. But I’ve got to constantly remind myself that the more effort you’ve out in, the more you’re gonna get out of it. Patience- oh how important.

Aites, back to work 🙂 Oh, I almost forgot, I have family dinner tonight. Like the entire family kind of thing. I bet it’s going to be fun, but pretty boring at times. Sigh.

And my grandfather is sick.. his stomach isn’t feeling too well, all I’m hoping is that there’s nothing serious, and he’ll get well soon. I love him so much ❤

P.S. If I had 2 choices, at least I have to choose 1 of them. Now, I have none.

P.S.S Sorry about the ‘angsty’ post few days back. Was feeling pretty down.

1st and 3rd generation <3
1st and 3rd generation ❤


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