One of my favourite quotes from the movie Se7en:

“A woman… a woman so ugly in the inside she couldn’t bear to go on living if she couldn’t be beautiful on the outside.”
How true. Its perhaps true to say that a wise woman is one who’d rather brains over beauty. In a world like this, it is often tempting to go for the ‘pretty’ image; the need for good looks to succeed. Many fall into that temptation- one so terribly easy to fall into. But as the saying goes, (pardon for the cheesyness, cause they seem to make lots of sense) :beauty is only skin deep. A quote so true, but so easliy forgotten.
It’s perhaps time to spend time looking at the inside beauty of people, rather than their very physical appearences. And its definitely time to look at YOURSELF at the inside, then staring at the mirror wishing you had a sharper nose, larger eyes, silkier hair, taller build, slimmer body, sexier legs…. ya da ya da ya da… its never going to end, the list, trust me.
After listening to that quote, it dawn upon me that what makes a person beautiful is not whats on the outside, not what can fit into pretty clothes, not what deserves to be on a cover page of every magazine, BUT what the person is inside. That which can completely overpower what can be defined on the skin.
I’ve learnt my lesson, from one terrific movie, Se7en.
And with these, I strive for beauty. True beauty a woman must have.
P.S I said I wanted to talk about my earlier (x2) post. Shall do that real soon 🙂
P.S.S. You is relative.

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